jack black & the pick of destiny

I have a weird crush kind of thing on Jack Black and have had one for a long time. I can’t even remember what started it, but as you can probably guess, I’ve just always had an amazing appreciation for as much inappropriateness as Jack Black sings about when partnered up with Kyle Gass as Tenacious D.

Maxim has a great article interview both JB and KG, and they’re animated as usual talking about Dave Grohl is an honorary member of Tenacious D and Jack talks about how he gets tired of the constant attention he gets when out and about:

I like attention, but some people have no clue. I’m carrying my child over a bridge: “Can you put your child down on the sidewalk and sign my asshole?” Makes you wanna kill some people.

And they even use the word blog in their interview, which gives them extra nerd points in my book.

I haven’t see the new movie “The Pick of Destiny”, but I want to. As soon as I can sit through a movie without hacking up the remainder of my left lung onto the patron sitting next to me. I would hate to have bad manners.


  1. I heart Jack Black and still somewhat regret not talking to him when I had the chance five years ago.

    There’s a decent interview with them in the current issue of Rolling Stone, too. Just read it today.

  2. Oh, I loved Pick of Destiny. The D are rockin’ my socks off right now. See it, you may hack up a lung on the patron next to you, but it will probably be combined with laughter. :)

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