all i did today was watch football

Ever since The Great Blog Discovery by Co-Workers in 2006, I’ve refrained a lot from talking about work in great detail. But now I’m not so worried about it since a) I don’t really get a chance to blog at work anyway and b) I write about my co-workers other places anyway. Having said that, now I can tell you about my weekend.

Friday: I got to completely geek out band-geek style. Hardcore even.

Jenni and I went to the University of Minnesota Gopher hockey game and ended up right next to the Gopher Hockey Pep Band. HOLY AWESOME. It absolutely made me miss the seven years of every kind of band class possible I could take during my middle school and high school days. The game ended in a tie, which I’ll never understand, because how is it even a game if nobody wins? As soon as I can figure out what freakin’ penalties are being called, I’m scared I may become obsessed with hockey… like I am with any other sport.

After the game, we went to Palmer’s Bar to wait for Matt, who was going to join us for a show across the street at Nomad World Pub. We just had a couple of drinks at Palmer’s, which is good, because anymore and I may have died t hanks to their incredibly strong drinks.

A co-worker/buddy of mine started Jack Brass Band, so I thought we should check it out. And I’m glad we did, because they were incredibly awesome. They’re an 8ish piece band that fancy themselves, according to their website, “the only New Orleans style brass band in Minneapolis”. If that’s code for awesome, then I totally agree. We missed the beginning of their set, but what we did see was absolutely enough for me to go back next time they play locally. (I’m so the worst music reviewer in the world.)

Saturday: Hi. I slept until 3 p.m. I had good reason. I met up with The Girls at Pizza Luce, where we had a pre-show dinner after we’d all driven around trying to find a parking spot for half an hour. After shivering our way through dinner, we headed outside and walked the few blocks to O’Donovan’s to wait for Matt. We shivered there some more before running across the street to First Ave to see the Doomtree Blowout, baby. I’d heard a ton about Doomtree and their crew from Jenni and I’m so glad I finally got to check them out. Bad. Ass.

I was so drained from the day before, though, that I left around midnight. But holy shit, the two-ish hours we were there (was it even that long?) were way awesome. I mean, hello? White rappers. You know how I feel about white rappers!

In any case, it was a weekend full of great music and that’s not something I can complain about at all.

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  1. Embrace the hockey! When I was twelve I had an “I (heart) Hockey” button on my coat and was a junior hockey league groupie. I’m a more sophisticated fan now, but just barely.

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