the weekend of dancing and bars

My day yesterday involved a completely mentally draining afternoon trying to earn respect from someone that doesn’t really deserve that much effort on my part. I knew I either had to drink heavily at home alone or spend time with those of an awesome nature, so it ended up being the latter. Definitely the best choice.
After some quality play/fetch/running time with Sir Riley of the Pants, we headed to Liquor Lyle’s for Gopher hockey-watching, bar food-eating, and 2-for-1 partaking. While sitting on the edge of our red-sparkly seats watching the Gophers win in overtime against the Bulldogs of Minnesota-Duluth, we finished up the last of our drinks and listened to the last of our absolutely horrible selections on the jukebox. It then became dancing time.

We stopped first at Foundation, where we showed up in time for no cover charge and $2 drinks until 11 (followed by $3 until midnight). We danced for a while, and then decided that we’d gotten our money’s worth. A trip across the street to the Gay 90’s was in order, where we stayed until almost-close. A night at the 90’s never fails to leave with plenty of stories, like the drag queen dancing with a walker to SexyBack, male strippers wearing socks and shoes, and a brush with the horse-riding Minneapolis police department.

We reconvened this morning for brunch at Uptown Bar and Cafe and later went to go see Borat, and I really could have laughed the entire time if it weren’t for the fact that I really wanted to hear everything on the screen.  Probably more about that later.

Now I have to figure out how late I can manage to stay up doing laundry and still manage to get to work tomorrow for two straight days of training/no internet access while at work.

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