the halloween where satan pukes

Last Wednesday, my backup chiropractor, Dr. Mike, was snapping multiple things in my neck and asked me if I was all excited for Halloween. I told him I wasn’t and Halloween wasn’t really one of my favorite holidays. That was until the Halloween entertainment began Thursday night while I was making my costume and my love for Halloween has continued on until this morning when I started looking at pictures from the weekend. Um, I ♥ Halloween.

Wednesday night, while my dog was having vomiting induced, I went to Wal-Mart and laughed the entire time I was shopping in the craft and/or hunting department for my costume essentials.

I started putting things together Thursday and continued laughing while I watched the week’s worth of The View in the background.

After Gopher hockey on Friday, where I realized how much I miss college sports, I went to Jumi’s Halloween party sans costume. I only lasted a couple of hours before I had to go home, but was more than entertained by Cindi dressed like a douchebag fratboy who slipped roofies (or maybe Smarties) in everyone’s drink.

It was easy to get into the Halloween spirit on Saturday, as I helped Sean cover his garage floor in sawdust and proceed to splatter blood from a 5 gallon bucket all over the garage with a machete. We sat around in the blood-sprayed garage for a few minutes watching “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”, which I really hope his neighbors saw.

The Halloween Bash started later that night and it was a really, really awesome time. I haven’t emptied out my camera, except for two videos (one of Ryan breathing fire and one of Bill rocking out as Slash from GNR), but here are some pictures from Jenni’s camera. And then there’s my favorite picture of the night behind the jump.

i earn a great place in hell for this one.

Should I wind up in hell, at least I’ll have a nice seat for holding up Satan’s head as he puked into a garbage can. I later learned Satan’s real name is Tim, he’s 22, and apparently hasn’t built up his tolerance level juuuust yet.

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