friday bullets

  • I’m #8 on Google when searching for Wendy – this rules a lot.
  • The Accident™? It’s made me full of anger and rage, seriously. I don’t like being this angry.
  • I got insurance paperwork in the mail yesterday and it freaked me out. I’m scared to fill out any paperwork at all, because I don’t want something to bite me in the ass six months from now.
  • Due to The Accident™, I now cannot open a child-proof pill bottle because it hurts my shoulder to turn the cap.
  • My first University of Minnesota regular season hockey game is tonight.
  • I was very mean to a nurse practitioner yesterday. I felt bad for 2 seconds, but then I remembered how she told me she didn’t have time to look at my knee and I didn’t feel so bad anymore.
  • Things at my job are really rough right now.
  • Justin Timberlake/P!nk tickets went on sale today. I couldn’t justify spending $82 on one ticket… so I didn’t buy any. Yeah, I know. Shocking. When he finds out, he may not bring SexyBack to the Twin Cities at all.

One Comment

  1. Didn’t have time to look at your knee? As if having time to look at effed up knees isn’t in a nurse practitioner’s job description? Poke in the eye to her. And to the asstard who has caused all your trouble by plowing into you. No wonder you’re angry. That’s exhausting, though, huh? I think you should get all the anger out of your system by climbing over that glass wall and onto the ice at the hockey game tonight, and grabbing one of the opposing players by his mask and spinning him around. Real fast. If you do, I’ll give you $82 for a concert ticket.

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