crunchy carpet is the best

Registering for The 3 Day today trumped all the crappy things that happened today like the constant headaches that start at the base of my brain and move its way forward and the idea of having to get a CT Scan done tomorrow.

My nerdy dog thinks it’s cute to sneak out of his crate when I forget to zip tie it shut and have his way with my apartment. I’m generally not too pissy about it, because really, it’s my fault. But today, I was irritated. He’d pulled down (yet another) bos of Pasta Roni off the shelf and tore it open. That’s your explanation for when you come to my apartment and the carpet feels crunchy.

Now to finish up with the stuff in the kitchen I’m doing and go to bed, because I’m not sure how else to shake this damn headache.

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  1. OK, so I registered as a walker on you team. Sure, I live in Columbia, but your walk is pretty much the closest to me (I prefer the Twin Cities to Chicago). I read about your participation in previous years and I am inspired and astounded by the fund raising that your team has accomplished. I would love to road trip for the walk.

    p.s. My mom is a breast cancer survivor. Because it was at a (somewhat) young age, certainly pre-menopausal, I am quite a likely candidate as her daughter.

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