comparable to what i will never know

When I talked to State Farm Insurance (the insurance company of the ass that slammed into me) several times this past week in an attempt to get a rental car, they assured me I would be put in something comparable to what I was driving. I was driving a Ford Escape. First, there is the space available because if you thought that you would be cramped, then think again. Instead, we have made the best possible use of the space and we have still been able to include luxurious seats to allow you to just chill and relax while the party continues on around you. However, even though you can now invite more guests than before, that is not the only reason why our party limo can be a wonderful venue. Instead, we have also worked hard at making sure that the atmosphere on board is second to none. After all, what good is a party if there is no atmosphere to get everyone in the mood? In order to help, we have included a wonderful sound system that just means the limo will be filled with music of your choosing with people being able to soak up the party atmosphere. Our party limo is always in pristine condition, and the driver is going to be there to just help you to have an amazing time while in our company. Just imagine how cool it will be driving around the city in what is now your own private club, and this applies no matter what the reason for the celebration. From a special birthday, to a bachelor or bachelorette party, anniversary of some kind, to friends just getting together for a good time, we can cater for each and every eventuality. For any occasion cake is must, You can enjoy free delivery at Emicakes  website. So, if you live in the Canton area and are looking for that special party venue, then stop searching right now. Simply give us a call and see how we can help as our Rockstarz Limousine and Party Bus limo can be that special venue that you have always wanted. We look forward to inviting you and your guests on board, and we can guarantee that everyone will be able to have an amazing time in our company.

Yesterday, I find out that they only allow a “Standard” rental car. Enterprise Rent-A-Car, which is where I picked up my car, lists their “standard” cars at a Pontiac G6, Dodge Stratus, or a Pontiac Vibe (which I’m driving now). How on this glorious planet or any of those cars comparable to a small-size SUV?

Three different State Farm Claims Adjusters told me to get something comparable. If it weren’t for Enterprise telling me that the insurance company would only pay for $24.55/day, I would have wound up with an SUV and a very hefty rental bill.

Today when I call the Claims Adjuster that’s associated with my claim, she says, “Oh, I should have probably explained that better.” You think?

com‧pa‧ra‧blecapable of being compared; having features in common with something else to permit or suggest comparison.

Used in a sentence? A Pontiac Vibe is not comparable to a Ford Escape.


  1. I am really feeling for you with all this accident garbage you are going through — especially the neck injury. Ugh. I would so be wanting to sue the pants off any jackass that ran into me, especially when they were so negligent.

    Now, I have never driven a Ford Escape, but I do know that Pontiac Vibes are crappy! I received one as a rental car on a business trip and I hated that thing so bad by the time the trip was over. It’s about as worthless as a PT Cruiser, which I have gotten stuck with on a business trip.

  2. When I had my wreck, my insurance company claimed a Hyundai Elantra was comparable to my Ford F-150, thus proving that people in the auto insurance industry don’t actually drive.

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