$12,000,000 for torii hunter.

And I happen to think he’s worth it.

MINNEAPOLIS — Torii Hunter will be back with the Minnesota Twins for at least one more year. The Twins said Tuesday they picked up Hunter’s $12 million option. [link]

He’s spent his entire career with the Twins organization and, even though he’s ran into a few walls causing injury, he’s been a permanent fixture in centerfield. He’s so fun to watch.

Swiping Barry Bonds’ homerun during the All-Star game, robbing homerun after homerun at the Metrodome, he’s completely denied runs by rifling the ball from centerfield all the way to homeplate and made it all look easy.

I’m excited to have him back. Even if it’s only temporarily. He apparently wants a longer contract and I can’t say I blame him.

I’m completely speculating since this obviously just happened today. However, with a $12,000,000 highly-desired centerfielder on the team, it could be plenty of room for some trade action.

A couple of years ago (with Lew Ford in his prime season, Jacques Jones, and a healthy Shannon Stewart), there was room to rotate outfielders around. Now? Not so much.

Michael Cuddyer’s a mainstay in rightfield. We need him somewhere and the 2005 season proved 3rd base wasn’t the place to have him on a regular basis. Left field, which was left to Rondell White, Josh Rabe, an only average Lew Ford, and Jason Kubel this year, is up in the air completely. Bringing in a new player to replace Torii in center wouldn’t really be advisable, in my opinion.

With him averaging $74,000 per game, though, I’m going to expect diving and wall-climbing catches a little more frequently.


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