the last kiss

I went to go see The Last Kiss this weekend. I was craving nachos, and figured the only way to fulfill that craving was to go to the movies and have some. Here’s how I like to go see a movie – just show up at the theater and see whatever is playing next. It’s fun that way.

I was a pretty big fan of Garden State when it came out, but more because of the writing than of Zach Braff’s acting. But with The Last Kiss, I guess it was different.

Zach Braff? He’s hilarious. I kind of want to hang out with him, almost as much as I want to hang out with Justin Timberlake, but with less dancing and bringing sexy back, and more just hanging out.

A guy I work with, who also happens to be a manager now, is buddies with Eric Olsen, who plays Kenny in the movie. They went to high school together and my co-worker went to CA last winter for a week to hang out with him. We also talk about Eric’s upcoming movies and what types of roles he’s busy trying to get. It was a bit odd this morning to email my co-worker, letting him know I saw his buddy’s movie over the weekend. I left out the part in my email about seeing his bare ass and also seeing him do the deed on a white bear skin rug.

In any case, the movie was funny and cute, and it was sad and heartbreaking. My feelings towards the main characater (Zach Braff, of course) ranged from wanting to hang out with him to wanting to hit him in the head with a 2×4.

I thought it was a really good movie. The people next to me couldn’t really vouch for the quality of the movie, but I’m sure they knew how many fillings each of them had.

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  1. PeeWee

    ooooh, I am taking a movie class, and we are going to get to see that one. Supposedly, Tony Goldwyn is coming to class!

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