i have rough life

This is the shirt I have on today. It’s the only math equation that I’ve ever truly enjoyed. I finally broke down and bought this one and this one from ThinkGeek. I’d been eyeing them forever, and decided I need some more t-shirts anyway. Right.
I’m pretty sure my car needs a new serpentine belt and possibly my brakes should be bled. Of co urse, I didn’t figure that out on my own. That’s why I have manly man friends. Now just comes the part of me taking it into a shop and acting like I know what’s going on.

There are very, very few times in my life when I hate being a girl. One of those times is directly related to my uterus and/or ovaries. The other is when I have to have any type of mechanical work done to my car at all. Even during an oil change, I always think the 20-year-old mechanics are going to try to trick me into getting blinker fluid.

And then there’s the whole going without a car thing while the car’s in the shop, which I pretty much hate more than almost anything. Maybe it gives me a good excuse to go get a Nintendo DS Lite and sit in the waiting room while they make the necessary repairs to my still unnamed car.

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