you’ve missed my lists

  • Right now, my favorite blog ever belongs to Jodi’s nephew, Max. It’s no secret I’ve thought he was the coolest kid I’d never met for a long, long time, and his blog just solidifies that.
  • I’ve been using Vox for the past few months and it’s pretty cool. I’m a fan of their interface, Question of the Day, and their employees. I have two invitations right now, so if you’re in desperate need of a Vox account, let me know. I’ll gladly send you one. It’s like LiveJournal for grownups. And I guess that doesn’t say much about me, since I love me some LJ, too.
  • I have the follow up appointment for my gimped foot today. It’s with my podiatrist who has given me two cortizone shots, removed two ingrown toenails, and gets mad at me when I wear my Chuck Taylor shoes into her office. Today I have on Steve Maddens. She’ll be so impressed.
  • My puppy is back to finding his gay roots by accessorizing with a red bandana. And clearly enjoying it.
  • There have been ants moving from cube to cube at my office. I bought ant traps last night and had planned to destroy them all today. I got to work, and it seems the infestation has gone. I’ll be ready next time.
  • Also bug related, I’ve had little bitty flies all around my sink drain lately. I’ll keep this short by saying my entire apartment now smells like clove-scented Raid. And all the flies are laying feet up on my counter. I showed them.


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