feel free to file under tmi

I bought some Motrin yesterday at Target, because I wanted to take some on the walk with me. You know, in case I developed any pain and/or cramps after walking 20 miles a day.

I think my ovaries and uterus were paying attention to my Target purchase, because they seem to be having an ultimate cage fighting match today. I appreciate the fact that they want to make sure the Motrin works, but if this ultimate cage fighting match results in any blood during The 3 Day, I will be absolutely furious.

I do not wish to stock my ultra-hip fanny pack with feminine products again this year. It is not fun. At all. Especially when you throw port-a-potties full of three days worth of human waste into the mix. I did it last year and on a scale of fun, with 1 being I’d rather pour salt in my open wounds and 10 being having an ice cream sundae with Joe Mauer, I would rank having my period while walking sixty miles a big fat -5107.

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