yeah boy, i love flavor flav

flavor_flav.jpgI admit a lot of things here that I probably should not. I have a feeling that’s what keeps you all coming back for more. Here we ago again.

I’m watching Flavor of Love 2. It’s quite possibly the biggest trainwreck I’ve been privy to watching on TV. As far as I know, there have only been two episodes. I’m in the middle of the second one right now.

In the first episode, Flavor Flav gave all 20 girls nicknames, because he can’t remember their real names. Viewers get to watch brief confessionals of girls Flav’s nicknamed Hood (who says she’s from Compton), Nibblz (who was almost nicknamed Tyson, because she has the same lisp as Mike Tyson), and Buckwild (a waitress whose currently on probation for fighting and whose last serious boyfriend was 70 years old). Can you see where the entertainment value is already?

The rest of the girls in the house are just as entertaining as the next. Especially Somethin’. She shat on the steps of Flavor Flav’s house at the end of the first episode. Did I mentioned this was quality entertainment?

Now, I’m watching the 2nd episode. It starts out with the girls in a party bus, complete with stripper pole. Now Flav’s picked three of the girls to join him for dinner. Dinner is a bucket of chicken from KFC. Yeah, I’m probably going to love this show.


  1. Diz

    Oh Lord. I was thinking about this yesterday. I have now voluntarily watched four shows that Flav has been in – Surreal Life, Strange Love, and Foofy of Love 1 & 2. This is my Jerry Springer. I can’t help but laugh and be repulsed simultaneously.

  2. PeeWee

    Oh, I have watched all the Flava Flav shows! He is my favorite, and the ONLY show I try to watch every week.
    You know what time it is…
    Too bad you missed the first season. I wanted to punch New York in the face.

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