because i just found this picture


Yeah, I’m not sure why we were so damn cute either. That’s The Cuz in the background and and me in the diaper. And my doll that I still remember. If I didn’t know better, I would say we’re in our grandparents’ station wagon.


  1. Dude, we were in the way-back of Granny’s red Dodge Aspen station wagon! We were also at the lake. I honestly remember that day.

    I can actually see a little bit of Clara Jane in my face.

  2. A Trip to the Past in Pictures. With Jelly….

    Today, I’m going to ramble like I’m 90 years old and not all there anymore. Have you paid a visit to my cousin, The Cuz today? If not, you’re missing the opportunity to see a photo of me, age six,……

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