r stands for really, really awesome

personalizedSee, some may think that I’ve gone too far by getting my dog a tag that goes one step further with personalizing then the standard dogtag might do. But really, you can just blame Old Navy.

Whoever thought it was a good idea for Old Navy to start selling dog clothes and accessories clearly saw me coming from about 57,409 miles away.

It’s not like I bought him a puppy polo shirt… which I would have if it would have came in red, because that’s his color.  I thoughto myself that a big fat R would make him the envy (or maybe laughing stock, but let’s not talk about that) of the apartment complex dogs when they’re all out on their synchronized potty trip before bed.

Yep, Alisa is right. Who needs to humiliate myself on TV, when I can do it all right here?


  1. Annelieke

    OMG!!! I got my awesome furry kid one too! A big ol’ “T” for Taco! He’s pretty proud of it…

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