why are teachers so bad now?

I reguarly entertain the thought of going back to school and becoming a teacher. I had several positive role models and terrific influences as I went through school, and could definitely see myself in those same shoes. Some of my best friends are teachers or close to it, and they do it because they love the kids or at least most of them.

Where’s this coming from? The over abundance of articles that get thrown into the news about teachers having some sort of explicit affairs with their students – middle school band teacher has some type of sexual contact with six male students, or a teacher who marries a student during a Pagan ritual, or a teacher who holds a student at gunpoint.

Why, over the past couple of years, have some teachers turned into sexual predators and monsters?

I used to kiss my 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Wiechen, on the hand when we were out at recess, because I thought she was the best ever. Even if she did send me to the Principal’s office for writing Shit Balls on a piece of paper. My 4th grade teacher Mrs. Griffin? Best teacher ever. She was such a great teacher I didn’t even want to go to my special gifted class one day a week, because I didn’t want to miss anything she taught me.

I used to carry a tuba home on the bus just about every other day when I was in 8th grade. I just liked going into the band room after school, hanging out with Mr. Aller, and my excuse to hang with him was to get the tuba. That whole band teacher obsession thing carried over into high school, but that’s a whole different story and probably a couple of therapy sessions, too.

I guess my main concern is that teachers used to be looked at as heroes or as people you could trust unequivocally. They were people you could leave your kid with and know he/she happened to be in the best hands ever. Those hands have since turned into tools of violation and mistrust. It makes me sad to think about that transformation.

Now that I think about it, though, my elementary school art teacher was pretty creepy and made it a point to look down the shirts of newly developing 4th and 5th graders and since then, I think he was busted for having bottles of alcohol in his desk drawer. Maybe the inappropriate behaviors were taking place back then and it just wasn’t brought to the forefront like it is today.

And maybe homeschooling isn’t that bad of an idea anymore.


  1. You know, I doubt if the number of perv teachers has actually increased. The news coverage has.

    Didn’t one of your friends’ older sisters marry her band teacher about 20 years ago? That was a big scandal when I was in high school. My 9th grade algebra teacher got busted several times fooling around with students, but no one made a big deal of it. Maybe as a society we’ve become less accepting of these things, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

  2. I’ll ditto Robin. I think the media is partly to blame. Ever since the devil-worshipping-day-care scare in the 80s, teachers are public enemy #1. Teachers just can’t get too involved with students at any level without someone throwing the Perv label on them. Go with your gut…if you want to be a teacher, then go for it. I think you’d be great.

  3. Amy

    As a teacher..it’s hard to sometimes swallow posts like this. Robin was pretty on target with the media coverage. I think that you’ll find in all professions there are a bunch of fucknuts….like doctor’s who abuse their patients or overuse their power as a doctor. Would you stop going to see some doctor’s because of one or a few’s actions?

    *sigh* I’ll get off my soapbox.

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