a listy list

You keep forgetting you like lists, don’t you? This is a list of things I want to write long posts about, but I have do work, because I’m working 60-70 hours a week right now. WITH ONE JOB. I’m so dedicated.

  • I went back to the gym tonight. SCORE.
  • The Twins are amazing me right now. And I don’t mean my tits. I mean the baseball team.
  • I’m pretty obsessed with Texas Hold ’em still. And even more. I just need to learn how to play it with live people.
  • I was going to do laundry tonight, but it’s almost 10pm. BUT – nobody would tell me I was making too much noise if I chose to do it.
  • I’m headed to Milwaukee this weekend.
  • I “accidentally” called my brother Saturday morning around 2 a.m. He told my friend Sarah that he has a girlfriend; he will not tell me this.
  • Did you vote for Joe Mauer yet? He just went 5/5 against the Dodgers tonight and 4/5 last night – WITH A TRIPLE. He needs maybe 200,000 vote or so to catch up with Pudge Rodriguez. Sorry, Ron, but c’mon! Mauer could take down Rodriguez in a bottle fight and that’s what we should base our vote on!


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