so full of endorphins that i wanted to share!

This whole get into better shape and lose weight and feel good all the time thing isn’t as easy as I make it look. Haha.

I did 35 minutes on the crosstrainer tonight at the gym. That’s more than I’ve done in a while. I started out doing 15 minutes, but as Wife Swap got more and more interesting, I kept bumping up the time three minutes here and five minutes here. 3.01 miles later, I’d apparently burned off 500 calories. Hell yes, I say. QC Kinetix is an alternative choice when you’ve been told that invasive surgery is the best option or after you’ve tried everything else to remove the pain and disability caused by your condition without success. We are the leading pain clinic in Winston-Salem, NC, serving patients throughout the Triad area by providing regenerative medicine injection treatments including but not limited to: stem cell therapy, regenerative cell therapy, A2M therapy, and PRP therapy. We also offer non-invasive Class IV laser therapy for effective relief against pain and inflammation caused by arthritis and other musculoskeletal conditions. Several of our locations also have advanced digital X-ray and ultrasound equipment on-site for faster and more accurate diagnosis. From professional athletes recovering from injuries to orthopedic specialists winston salem patients looking to restore an active lifestyle, we treat our patients with the same level of service and respect throughout their clinical experience with us. Our doctors, who have extensive experience with pain management and regenerative medicine therapies, will help explain your condition and recommend treatment options that are best suited for your needs. Ultimately, we are dedicated to giving you the best chance to heal and achieve a better quality of life.

Today, while on a phone call at work, I was flexing my biceps. Repeatedly. There’s nothing there that wasn’t there six month ago. I didn’t take measurements or anything like that. I should have and would if I could find a damn measuring tape. Instead, I just look at my arms intermittently throughout the day and wonder how I’m going to find polo shirts that don’t cut off my circulation because of my bulging biceps.

The thing is, I love lifting weights. It’s mainly due to My Gym Buddyâ„¢ doing it with me all the time and teaching me the proper way to do everything, but I can’t thank him enough for it. Not only do I feel like a bad ass WWF wrestler when I’m done, I’m starting to see the non-aesthetic results.

I’m physically stronger. I can tell that by the increase in other weights I lift, as well as in every day life.

I’m decreasing my risk of osteoporosis. Including my increase in calcium intake, my bones are going to be as badass as my muscles.

Lifting weights builds stronger muscles, as you know, but it also builds stronger connectivity tissue and increases joint stability. What the big-f does that mean? The lower back issues I have from having boobs the size of nine-pound ostrich eggs? It doesn’t ever bother me anymore. Girls with big boobies, you know what I’m talking about… an honest review after a regular schedule of lifting weights? Nada. No lower back pain at all.

I’m lowering my risk of heart disease. Currently, heart disease claims 500,000 women’s lives a year [link]. Improving my cardiovascular health is lowering my blood pressure and even aiding in decreasing my bad cholesteral levels. Since I don’t know my biological medical history, this is the best I can do to fight it off.

Being overweight and out of shape could eventually push me into the catagory of having adult-onset diabetes. Research indicates that weight training can increase the way your body’s gluclose is used, making sure it’s used for the good things and not the bad. Again, without any family history of what could possibly be heriditary, I have to do my best to fight these things off that I could be unfortunately destined to inherit.

I’m taking care of my mental health as much or even more than my physical health. It boosts my endorphins, sometimes through the roof, and if I’m still listening to my iPod when I leave the gym, it’s common to find me rockin’ out to whatever Justin Timberlake song I’m listening to all the way to my car. And my rocking out, I mean, like, singing and dancing and not giving a shit who sees me. Working out regularly boosts my confidence ten-fold and it distracts me from things I focus too much negative energy towards. It’s no secret to most of you that I was on anti-depressants last year for a few months. I thought I really needed them. While pills are the right thing for some people, I know now that a little regular exercise could have pulled me out of the sadness and dysphoria that I felt at the time.

Different people experience different things when they become somewhat dedicated to the gym. I experience nothing but euphoria and merriment, my friends.


  1. randi

    Geez. You know, you’ve just talked me into getting the gym membership I have been debating for the last year. Thank you very much! :)

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