i’m excited about it

Today’s June 1st. Like everyone else and their overweight mothers, I’m wiping the slate clean and starting over. Who cares that I drank a ton of pop while in Missouri over the Memorial Day weekend and who cares that I had Arby’s for lunch yesterday, because I can’t change it now. What I can change is the future.

How many times have you read the same thing on this same site? No more pop, no more eating after 8:30, trips to the gym at least 5 times a week.

The crappy diet and the half-ass walks I give my Riley Pants aren’t really giving me any results. The awesome weightlifting is of course boosting my metabolism and “builing a base upon which you can train harder”, according to The Gym Buddyâ„¢. I love lifting weights and don’t plan on neglecting that at all.

We’re kicking up the cardio and I’m dedicating myself to picking the gym over things like softball and reality TV shows. A grocery trip in the near future should set me right for a while and prevent me from getting dinner anywhere else.

Neat how I can pump myself up, huh? The way I look at it – I’ve got The 3 Day coming up in the middle of August, a trip to the Bronx with Joe Mauer over Labor Day, and a good 60+ years that I should probably be healthy for.

So, this is me trying it on my own. And by “on my own”, I mean with the support of my awesome friends and the willingness of all of you to sit and read the inane drivel that will surely make its way here.

Call it public humiliation. Call it a desperate plea for accountability. I just like to call it me being even more awesome than usual.


  1. randi

    I’m sort of going through the same way. I had my baby back in November and have had a very hard time losing the weight…mostly because I dislike exercising and I love to eat junk and drink regular pop! You are inspiring me to just go for the gusto and start clean….maybe tomorrow? LOL

  2. PeeWee

    Wendy are you ignoring me? I want to go with you to the Yankees/Twins game in September. Third and last request…

  3. I think you are doing amazing. You are looking fabulous! Keep up the fantastic work!!! I wish that I had the motivatation that you have!!

  4. As someone who has a blog that’s primarily focused on my attempt to cut my weight in half, let me tell you that blogging everything adds a TON of accountability. People won’t say bitchy stuff – but you stop doing things you’d be ashamed to post about!

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