a.i.: season 5 in the books

It’s pretty regular for me to think of names that I could have christened my dog with, but each time I look at him, I don’t think he could be called anything other than Little Riley Fancy Pants. Or Pantsy. Dare I tell you all that Clay was one of the names in the running? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Speaking of American Idol…

I blessed the power of having a Tivo and two TVs, so I was able to quite a bit of the A.I. results show. You all watched it, too, or you wouldn’t be reading. Instead of a recap, you get my top five highlights of the season finale:

  1. Kevin Covias singing whatever the hell that pussycat song is called.
  3. Taylor winning and skipping a lame acceptance speech by acknowledging the Soul Patrol.
  4. Elliott. And his mom. I can’t wait until the three of us get together to have homemade ice cream and talk about good times.
  5. CLAY AIKEN PERFORMING. Even if it was with the biggest douchebag of all time.

I’ve already downloaded (legally, I might add) the CD for this season. I’ll buy CDs from a few of the boys and girls as they release them. And I’ll be BFF with Elliott Yamin 4-EVA. And Chris can come hang out with us sometimes, too.

Now I can have my life back on Tuesdays and Wednesdays!

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  1. I only watched the last 15 minutes of the show. Did Prince sing “Pussy Control”? And what the hell was that on Clay’s head? Dead squirrel?

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