shortened ramblings in list style

  • I have dinner plans with Jodi. Lost is on TV. Both good things.
  • Some boys in the majors are going to use pink bats this coming week, beginning on Mother’s Day to raise money towards the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.
  • Did you notice I added my most recent Netflix rentals to the side bar? It gave me great pleasure. And now I feel obligated to watch the movies they send me, so you all don’t accuse me of being one of those assholes that hangs on to a movie for months on end. By the way, that is usually me.
  • My apartment complex has never switched over my electric bill to my name yet. It’s been two months. I’ve decided I’m not telling them. If they want to hammer me with a big bill, I’m okay with that. But this way is more rebellious. Unless they read my site like everyone else in the world that thinks they’re being sneaky about visiting multiple times a day.
  • The trainer at puppy class last night said Little Gay Riley Pants was smart and probably could have skipped right ahead to Better Dog 2 Class. It’s damn hard work raising an energetic puppy rittled with gayness, separation anxiety, and severe allergies, so it was nice to hear that from Inga. Especially since he just finished pissing on the flowers in front of the building.

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