ai: i love less filler video

Let’s watch as the American Idol producers try to cram 10 performances in an hour, when every other Tuesday, they’ve always ran short on time. I’m guessing Paula’s been given a time limit to her gushing and we’ll hopefully see very limited filler videos.

Elliott Yamin: He’s born in 1978, so he opens the show with “Broadway”. I love Elliott. Honestly? If he records something, I’ll buy it. He’s having fun with this one, and that’s good. This was a great song selection for his singing style.

His second song is a song that I obsess about every time it comes on the radio – Michael Buble’s “Home”. I don’t like Elliott’s version better, but he almost looks like he’s going to cry a few times during it. Sympathy vote: gained. Elliott, when you read this, you should know that I tried voting for you all night, but I kept getting busy signals. If you get voted off, it’s not my fault. I really tried.

Paris: She is singing Prince’s Kiss. Holy shit. Wow. She’s singing Prince because he’s from Minnesota and she used to live here. And Prince is a GOD in Minnesota. And she’s born in 1988. I have a lot say about her. I’m pretty bored with her early in the song, and when she thinks she wants to dance, I had to close my eyes. I was scared of the same booty drop she did a few weeks ago when she sang Beyonce’. Yeah, not so much a fan, because it was too novel and odd.

And then she sings Mary J. I know Paris is trying to keep it real and sing the music that she likes, but I don’t think she should. I think it’s going to hurt in the long run, which may have just ended tonight for her. She’s got a great voice, but for the past few weeks, she hasn’t been using it the way she was when the competition first started up. Like Pickler last week, the bar keeps going up, but Paris doesn’t.

Chris Daughtry: He sings “Renegade”. He’s good, I know, but I really like it on the weeks when he’s not screaming. This week’s performance, to me, is sounding the same as every other week. It’s really great, yeah, but it’s the same type of song he does just about every week.

And then he sings another song where he yells some more. I really like him.  I’d never vote against him. The yelling just scares me. I wish he’d sing Clay Aiken. I’m sure it would show even more of his tender side.

Kat McPhee: Even though I don’t really ever think she’s anything special, I really like this girl. I think. “Against All Odds” is one of my favorite songs ever, but I can’t explain why. Her performance is good, but it’s poor for her. Like Paris, Kat has a tremendous voice and it brings things down to song choice. When she picks songs like this one that don’t show off her voice, fans forget how awesome she may have been the week before. There were no accidental vagina shots this week, so I paid attention to her entire performance. And, like God once did, I “saw that it was good”.

Her second song? Scary. Box drums. No shoes. Crawling around on the floor. I thought she may have suddenly broken both of her ankles in a horrific backstage accident involving Taylor Hicks laying on the floor and Paris doing ass drops to Beyonce songs while listening to her iPod. I’m glad to know it was planned. It was a unique performance, and it gave Kat a chance to actually have fun. I think this week, though, she could really be on the fence.

Taylor: MY MAN. I honestly forgot every other performance before his when he started playing that funky music. Do I wish he would have sang Vanilla Ice’s version? ABSOLUTELY.  But that probably wasn’t the year he was born. Watching him do his thing on this song was like watching a true performer at a concert you’d pay to watch. Was it over the top? Of course, but when is Taylor not over the top? He looks great, he has fun, and he’s happy with himself.

His second song is a Beatles song that I’m not so familiar with, but enjoy the performance anyway. I like how he switched it up probably more than any other contestant this week. We see his fun, typical Taylor self, and then we see him take it down about a dozen notches to a completely different side of him. I thought he nailed them both. And, like with Elliott, I tried voting for him, but kept getting busy signals. I tried, Soul Patrol, I tried!

Bottom two: Katharine and Paris – that’s my guess. And I think Paris is hitting the road this week.


  1. Rick

    I certainly thought of you last night. Prince and “Play That Funky Music”…you must have been in heaven!

  2. Elliott, I love you, which means you’re not going to win. I’m sorry.

    Paris, it pains me to say, sucked. Truth be told, her audition was her best performance and she’s gone downhill since. I think it’s time for her to go home. Also, “Kiss” wasn’t released in 1988. It was released in early 1986 on the soundtrack to the movie failure “Under the Cherry Moon”. Look it up. I’m right.

    Kat was her usual boring self in the first song. How boring? Clara Jane was fighting her nap while I was watching. As soon as Kat started singing, I heard Clara Jane’s patented “I’m asleep now” binkie-slurp (it sounds a little like a Wet-Vac). I’ll buy Kat’s CD; anything that makes my kid sleep is a-ok with me. Her second song … interesting. I think I liked it, but I’m not sure. It also made me feel oogy.

    Chris, please stop screaming. The world doesn’t need anymore angry young white men. Thank you. I hate Styx.

    Taylor, I love you, which means you won’t win. I’m sorry.

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