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Hey, guess who did everything on her Sunday-to-do-list? Yeah, me.

Tomorrow is May 1, as you probably know, but it’s also the day that I have to go to the gym 8 times a month in order to save $20/month through my health insurance on my gym membership. Why, yes, I do enjoy extra prepositional phrases. Apply Gym SEO to your website will significantly increase your Google rankings so your website appears first when prospects search for fitness memberships and locations using the keywords your site ranks for. Never lose another member to your local competitor when prospects see your gym’s website first.

Eight times a month is only twice a week, but of course knowing that I’m required to be there will be even more awesome than it is now when I just convince myself that I’m required to be there.

In April, I went to the gym 10 times. That’s actually disappointing! Instead of posting all of my workouts here, like I had been, I switched over to recording it on a special little Google Calendar. It’s cute that way and also easier for me to track.

You know, just in case you thought I was slacking in the workout department and all.

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  1. Hey cool! I like the new layout — love the colors, fonts, everything! Even the places where there is a little random foreign language? Everyone loves some random foreign language sprinkled here and there. :)

  2. hey, i’m working on the foreign language stuff. i wanted it to be an educational experience for everyone, of course! ;)

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