if rhyme was a drug

If I ever have to come up with a reason why I love Vanilla Ice any more than I actually do, another reason could quite possibly be because he’s on myspace.com. AND because he explains, in true emo fashion, why he was so unhappy with his old image.

Don’t get me wrong, though I love Ice Ice Baby, I just can’t stand the image that was created for me at that time. Even though it worked and we sold 17 million records, I was treated like a puppet just to make a Hip Hop artist look like a novelty act. I was not designed to be that.

C’mon. He’s a better writer than MC Hammer for SURE!

I’m really sad, because Vanilla Ice is going to be in the Twin Cities over Memorial Day, but I will be out of town. That’s right, family, I love you more than Vanilla Ice. Tell grandma. She’ll be proud.


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