the ultimate in weekends

I have quite possibly the coolest weekend so far this spring planned.

Today/tonight: We just got the approval to leave work at 3pm. I’ll take the pooch to the dog park for an hour. I’ll go to the gym for an hour. Then I’ll go play mini golf for a while.

Tomorrow: I’ll go see Benchwarmers with The Gym Buddy™, who very impressively knew what blogging was today! I’ll take another trip to the dog park. I’ll cap the evening off with a live performance of The Dan Band at First Ave with the Jenny and Jenni combination.

Sunday: Perhaps a morning trip to the dogpark, and definitely an afternoon trip to downtown Minneapolis where i’ll watch the Twins take on the Yankees. And by take on, I mean beat the pants off of.

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  1. Sunshine

    I think I saw you when I was coming back to work from lunch! Did you take HWY 13? I’m such a stalker… or maybe you are….

    and you totally suck for being off work already

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