or when pigs fly

Last year, (Charlize) Theron – who won a 2004 Oscar for her role as real-life lesbian serial killer Aileen Wuornos in Monster – told TV’s Extra that she and longtime boyfriend Stuart Townsend would not wed until gay marriage is legal in the U.S. [link]

I, for one, am a huge fan of gay marriage. The arguments against it to make any sense to me, and it just smells like a stinking pile of shit when people try to put it down. With the current administration in the White House, we all know that if one partner doesn’t have a prostate and the other doesn’t have a fallopian tube, there won’t be any nuptials.

Boy + girl = happy, perfect marriage.

Girl + girl or boy + boy = OH MY GOD NO, THEY WILL TAKE OVER THE WORLD.

Shitty, but true.
However, if I were Stuart Townsend, I would start to think that my hot girlfriend didn’t really have any plans on getting married.

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  1. I felt a lot of pressure to not get married since I was an advocate for SSM. And in some circles there still is pressure for us hets not to engage in something that discriminates.

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