exile island doesn’t scare me

Along with about 39 other TV shows that I Tivo every week, I also watch Survivor. I’ve only missed a couple of seasons, and that’s because either A) I didn’t have cable TV or B) I was working two jobs and hadn’t found the luxury of Tivo.

I love me some Survivor. This season, I thought, started out pretty boring. Even with the whole four tribes and Exile Island and yadda, yadda, yadda. But now that they’ve merged, I’m all about this season.

I always have a weak spot for the older-ish guy that manipulates the crap out of everyone else – Richard, Tom, Brian, just to name a few from previous seasons. This year? I love Terry.  Homie is ripped, so he kicks ass on all the physical challenges. He’s smart as hell with the way he plays the games. And he’s not scared to bust up any of the little alliances that he might run into. But yet, he somehow does it all without seeming like a complete sleezebag. THAT is why I like him.

Aras and Shane have been on my last nerve for the past two weeks. They’re arrogant, cocky bastards, and i would love to see their rocky alliance busted up. I think Shane has managed to make Aras look like the bigger prick by feeding him lines, and also giving Aras the idea that he’s in charge of making decisions. As much as I can’t stand him, I think Shane’s in control of everything that happens in the tribe now. Unless Terry can find a way to break it all up.

I don’t know what function Bruce serves in the tribe right now, aside from being a huge, huge swing vote that Terry just can’t seem to get to swing. Bruce knows he holds this card, but continues to stick with an alliance that’s gonna give him the boost sooner than he thinks.

I’m not sure how the hell Cirie is still in the game. She was supposed to go long, long ago, but as managed to buddy up with both Shane and the two girls that want him off. She’s play a silent role in the game, but Shane’s planning on taking her to the final four. At least that’s what he tells everyone else.

Courtney and Danielle both rub me the wrong way, too. The constant bickering between Courtney and everyone else at any given time is going to fuel an explosion sooner or later, and honestly, I can’t wait until it does.

Sadly enough, Sally is going to be on her way out of the door pretty soon, just because of the numbers game.

I would like to see Sally win immunity next week. Everyone else would vote for Terry, and then he’d whip out the immunity idol he found. Then, someone else would get the boot. It wouldn’t really help the week after next, but it would be funny to watch anyway.

I’m going to start recapping Survivor, too. I don’t talk about TV nearly enough on here as it is.


  1. Yay! You are talkin’ Survivor! I have only missed ONE episode EVER because my husband set up the VCR wrong…yes, and I gave him lots of crap for it.

    I feel the same way you do about a lot of these people! Shane is just too gross — he reminds me of some kind of big gawky bird, the way he puffs out his chest and stumbles about and bugs his eyes out. I think Danielle has a mouth like Heidi Fleiss — she should have it done over at the same time she did her fake boobs. Courtney is just gross, and Bruce is a waste of space. Aras is such an ass, too, with no physical skills whatsoever — he should be much more flexible and better at challenges if he teaches yoga for a living! By virtue of elimination, Cirie is my favorite player on the former Casaya tribe, because at least she seems halfway intelligent and says hilarious things.

    I am cheering for Terry too. This guy is pretty good looking for however old he is! Hopefully he can figure out some sort of plan for him and Sally. I am still mad Danielle and Bruce didn’t go with his last plan — they had nothing to lose, really.


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