Want my quick American Idol recap?

I hate America. That’s it.

Mandisa and Elliott are two of my favorites. I didn’t vote for Mandisa on Tuesday, because I thought her song choice was terrible. But definitely not the worst of the night.

Simon was right on the mark every time he says that your song choice sticks with you. Out of all the country songs she could have picked, a hokey Shania Twain song should have been on the bottom of the list for Mandisa to pick.

I hope that her faith and religion didn’t turn America away from voting for her. It takes a brave soul to be that confident and proud of their beliefs to share them in front of millions. That’s another reason that I really respected her.

From what we saw on TV, Mandisa is obviously a very awesome person no matter how you look at her. I hope she goes on to do amazing things and if those amazing things involve CDs, I’ll be buying them.

Next week, the remaining 8 Idol-wannabes are doing Queen songs. Pickler will probably think Queen is some girl punk rock band and somebody better sing either Fat Bottomed Girls or Bicycle Race.

I read a rumor today that the week after that? Prince songs. I want some Pussy Control and some Darling Nikki that week , yo.