the amazing boobie scarf

My cousin is doing an awesome, awesome thing. Last month, she knitted this scarf and held an auction for on it on her blog. It brought in $50 that all went straight to my fundraising efforts for The 3 Day. And, thank you, Jodi, for winning that auction!

She just finished knitting Boobie Scarf #2. I don’t know a lot about knitting. I used one of my knitting needles to turn hot dogs on a grill last summer. And I don’t know a lot about yarn. But I do know that my cousin worked really hard on these, and they look absolutely amazing. How could you not want to bid on a scarf that has 3-D BOOBS on it, complete with nipples! Check out the pictures of it here and jump on in with the bidding. It all goes directly to The 3 Day.

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