11 contestants & 1 barry manilow

I had the World’s Longest American Idol Review almost completely written last night, but then, wouldn’t you know it, I lost it. You can read the shortened version in the extended entry.

Next week, I promise to save it more frequently. Or something.

Chris has pretty much been my favorite from the start. I like that he knows who he is as a singer, but I also think that if he doesn’t try stepping out of the box a little bit, fans might get tired of the same style all the time. You know, like Nickelback.

All of these little terms like McPhever and Pick Pickler? They both make me want to puke. Let’s just not. It sounds like a high school student council election or something.

Bottom three: Bucky, Lisa, and possibly Kevin. I hope Bucky goes home, but I’m afraid Lisa doesn’t have the fan base to keep her around much longer.


  1. Rick

    Before I get started, a late Happy Birthday to you!

    Here are my thoughts on last night’s Idol:

    First, I think this is by far the most talented group in the history of the show. Lots of good singers/performers. It’ll start getting really tough soon.

    I think Bucky will be gone this week. I like him, though. I think his voice is cool and unique, but he’s clearly not at the same level as the rest of them.

    My favorites so far? I like them all, but I find myself looking forward to seeing what Kathrine, Chris, Paris, and Kellie are going to do. Maybe Taylor too.

    Chris is really good and I think he has a shot to win. The rumor is that when the band Fuel heard him sing their song Hemmorhage a couple of weeks ago, they immediately offered him a job as their new lead singer (I guess their current one quit or something). However, that said, my wife think’s he’s hot so I can’t support him. :)

    I think Kathrine is really good (plus, she’s my choice for best looking). She’s starting to stand out a little more which is what she needs to do.

    I really like watching Paris perform, but I can’t stand her when she’s not on stage. She just annoys me for some reason in the interviews.

    I also like Kellie too. She’s really good considering no formal training or anything. Plus, she has the rough back story. Also, the dumb blonde thing doesn’t annoy me so much because I don’t think it’s an act at all. I think she’s just genuinely that way.

    Regarding Kevin, personally, I think he’s not a horrible singer. I think he actually sings in tune pretty well. He doesn’t struggle to hit any notes. However, he unfortunately has a lispy voice. I think he’ll be gone soon unless the people over at votefortheworst.com have their way. :)

  2. […] Chris – Of course, right away, Ryan makes sure to mention that Chris covered the version of “Walk the Line” that Live did, since seemingly enough, credit wasn’t given to Live last week. Then, we learn Chris is going to sing “What If”, which really isn’t the Creed song I would have picked for him to sing. I’ll say the same thing I said last week. He’s awesome, but if he doesn’t vary the song style a little bit, he’s not going to prove himself as a star. He’ll just appear as a one-dimensional artist who can’t hack it on his own. I know he can, because he’s my favorite, but I can’t vote for him 40 million times. […]

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