clay’s gonna win this year

I am really hoping what I just read isn’t true, but rumor has it that this week’s American Idol will feature the remaining 11 artists singing 50’s songs, with Barry Manilow guest judging. Does he guest judge every year?

Here’s the deal. I haven’t told you what I think about this year’s contestants yet, so I’m going to right now! Ever since I did some guest blogging for Daria over at Song Obsessed while she was sick, I’ve been itching to post some more AI recaps. NOW I CAN!

Ace Young – HOT. But not a winner.

Bucky Covington – makes me feel weird.

Chris Daughtry – I love him. I think he rocks hardcore and he’s my favorite.

Elliott Yamin – couldn’t have told you who he was in the auditions, but am really starting to like him a lot.

Katharine McPhee – I can’t really remember much of her.

Kellie Pickler – is she serious? I can’t handle the idiot routine any longer.

Kevin Covais – I have no idea how he got this far. But I’ll be sad when he leaves. Is he 6?

Lisa Tucker – Amazing. But forgettable five seconds later for me.

Mandisa – I LOVE HER. I’ve loved her since her audition. Amazing voice and amazing attitude.

Melissa McGhee – Glad to see her gone.

Paris Bennett – Adorable, but not ready yet. At least not ready for me to buy her CD.

Taylor Hicks – Who is this guy? I want to like him, because he’s so fun, but I don’t know that I could listen to a whole Taylor Hicks CD, ya know?

But first I’m going to track down the assclown that’s running up and down the second floor halls and crack him in the nuts with a meat cleaver. Except I don’t have a meat cleaver. I never have a meat cleaver.

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