101 things in 1001 days v1

Start date: Sunday, June 27, 2010
Finish Date: Sunday, March 24, 2013

Thanks to my buddy Dan documenting his success on his 101 things to do in 1001 days, I’ve decided to take on this behemoth project as well. Plus, I like lists. I usually don’t get anything done that’s on my list, but it’ll be worth a shot. Breaking them down into categories was almost as hard as the actual list itself!

Italics indicates an in-progress item. Bold indicates it’s complete.

Progress: (28/101)


1. Find a new therapist.
2. Read through the Bible.
3. Change oil on my own.
4. Start my tattoo sleeve.
5. Do research on (and perhaps buy) a scooter.
6. Go one entire day without swearing.
7. Run my credit report and find out what I need to do to fix it.
8. Record every thing I spend for an entire week down to the penny.
9. See a movie in 3D.
10. Find a church I feel comfortable going to.
11. Watch the sunrise from somewhere I can photograph it.
12. Learn to pee outside while camping without peeing on myself.

Catching Up on Things
13. Watch all 82 movies that have won Best Picture Oscars. (15/82)
14. Send five letters to establishments as a compliment, as opposed to a complaint. (0/5)
15. Make a list of 12 local restaurants I want to visit and make plans to try each of them. (7/12)

  • Chef Shack, Sample Room, Caribe, The Burger Place, moto-i, Stabby’s (closed), Cork’s Irish Pub, Barrio Truck, World Street Kitchen, One on One Bicycle Studio & Go Coffee

16. Watch all 22 Bond Films with The Kid. (0/22)

Sports and Activities
17. Make 25 free throws in a row.
18. Ride my bike to and from work.
19. Go to a women’s sporting event that’s not the WNBA.
20. See how far of a field goal I can kick.
21. Go to a soccer game.
22. Bowl a 200.
23. Keep score correctly during a baseball game.
24. Spend an afternoon at a driving range.
25. Play 9 holes of golf.
26. Take The Kid to play mini golf.
27. Fly a kite.
28. Get a 15 game win streak on ESPN Streak for the Cash.
29. Get a skateboard.

30. Obtain a professional certificate of any kind.
31. Teach a community ed class.
32. Get a new job title and not one that I make up on my own.
33. Join a professional networking organization.

Food and Drink
34. Come up with a recipe all of my own.
35. Go one week without eating any meat.
36. Start a container garden just for salsa ingredients.
37. Find a wine above $3 that I like drinking.
38. Make ice cream from non-yellow snow.

39. Donate a gallon of blood (8 pints). (0/8)
40. Volunteer for three new organizations. (2/3)

  • American Diabates Association Expo
  • Midwest Health Center for Women

41. Be on the board of a non-profit.
42. Volunteer for something at The Kid’s school.
43. Buy coffee/other drink for a total stranger.

Health and Wellness
44. Join a gym.
45. Go without caffeine for 30 days.
46. Lose 75 pounds. (20/75)

  • I’ve been researching different methods of how to lose weight and I’ve lost up to 30, but saw another 5 creep up on me when I started drinking pop quite a bit again.

47. Don’t eat fast food for a month.
48. Order new glasses.
49. Take a yoga class.
50. (Relocate and) Ask my biological mother (again) for any medical history she can provide.
51. Complete the Couch to 5K program.
52. Get my legs waxed.
53. Spend more than $20 on a haircut.
54. Get at least 8 hours of sleep every night for a week.
55. Get a pedicure.
56. Have Winkie (a plantar’s wart that I’ve named) removed.
57. Take part in some type of teeth whitening process.
58. Re-learn to roller blade.
59. Lower my BMI by 12 points.

Friends and Family
60. Take a class or a camp with The Kid.
61. Adopt a baby.
62. Write one letter a month for 12 months straight.
63. Watch a movie at a drive-in.
64. Stay overnight in a hotel for no reason.
66. Make a list of birthdays of people that I should send a card to.
67. Send birthday cards to above mentioned people on time.
68. Tailgate.
69. Send a postcard every time I leave home for more than a weekend.
70. Spend a day geo-caching.
71. Move into a house or a bigger duplex.
72. Get our family picture taken by a professional.

73. Go somewhere outside the U.S.
74. Visit a major city I’ve never been to.
75. See the Twins play somewhere other than Minneapolis.
76. Visit/tour a winery.
77. Visit Mount Rushmore and the Corn Palace.
78. Visit the Negro League Baseball Museum in Kansas City.

Organizational Type Things
79. Pare down my shoe collection to something reasonable.
80. Find a way to display my shot glasses.
81. Organize and hang pictures in my desk area at home.
82. Pare down Google Reader to something manageable to read once a day.

Learnin’ Stuff
83. Register for a school to finish at least an Associate’s Degree.
84. Learn to identify different types of clouds and what they do.
85. Make a list of books everyone else read in high school, but I didn’t.

  • Scarlet Letter
  • 1984
  • Huckleberry Finn
  • The Great Gatsby
  • Animal Farm
  • Catch 22
  • Robinson Crusoe
  • Gulliver’s Travels
  • Slaugherhouse Five
  • The Diary of Anne Franke

86. Read the aforementioned list of books everyone else read in high school and I didn’t.
87. Identify at least 10 constellations.

Creative Stuff
88. Complete the 365 Project.

89. Print and frame 10 of my photographs.
90. Learn how to play the guitar.
91. Have a photo or something I’ve written published.
92. Upload all the archives to my blog as far back as I have them (2000).
93. Post something substantial every day on my blog for a month.
94. Build something from IKEA hacks.
95. Install appropriate WordPress plugins on twodolla.org.
96. Setup a blog for The Kid.
97. Put together a recipe book from my Gramma(s).
98. Either build something on the domains I own or let them expire.
99. Complete Lake Street Photo Project with Jenni.
100. Get a D-SLR.
101. Create a new list of 101 things to do in 1001 days when this one is complete.


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