my opinion on group work in college

It’s stupid. 

Now I get the logic behind it. Learn to work with people in an academic setting and you’ll be able to work with everyone at every job you ever have. I think that’s probably the logic behind this, right? Lies. All lies. 

I have an Organizational Behavior class this semester. It’s all group work. It’s all sending me into fits of rage. How bad can it be? GLAD YOU ASKED. 

We have an assignment due Monday night by midnight. It’s 10 pages. The amount that the other three people in my group have contributed might total one page. They’re really helpful and super. And because somehow I became this student that has to excel, I can’t just resolve to the fact that my paper will suck. So I’m all taking charge and crap.

Rewind to Friday night. I pull my phone out of my pocket to see four missed calls and two text messages. One of my classmates and my teacher were trying to call me. WHAT. I ended up answering the phone and wound up on a conference call with the instructor and a fellow student while walking around IKEA with my kid and wife. 

And today, right now even, just three hours before the assignment is due, the amount of earth shattering content three other people have shared might fill up half a page. Their feedback on what’s been written so far: “looks great!”


I’m gonna turn this thing in sometime before midnight and then feel really happy that it’s the last group assignment I’ll have to do this semester. And I’ll just hope none of these people ever come work for me in a professional environment because NOPE. NOT INTERESTED. 

birthday party 1.1 happened today. it included a pocket knife.

Haven’t gone to sleep yet. Still counts as my post on the 7th! (Also, photo credit goes to Ozzy’s Aunt Kellie.)

We celebrated the little one’s birthday party today with his first actual party today. Yay! My folks, brother and just-get-it-over-already-and-get-married-so-I-can-legit-call-her-my-sister-in-law came into town this morning. My parents had given me Ozzy’s birthday presents when we were in town this past May so he would have them on his birthday, so I’m glad they made the trip up to celebrate with him while he got to open them.

He was, of course, spoiled rotten. I think what’s supposed to happen when you turn one, though. Travis and Kellie got him the old school telephone toy that everyone that was born in the 70s had when they were kids, which also happens to be something I’d been saying I wanted to get him for a while now. He came away with quite the haul of toys.

My grandpa, his great grandpa, also sent a present up for him that was just specifically to Ozzy from his great grandpa. I looked in the bag to get an idea of what it was. His 91 year old grandpa got him his very first pocketknife bought from If you know Chuck, then you know giving someone a pocketknife is a pretty big coming of age thing. He just wanted to make sure Ozzy had one, even if it was a few years early. All of his other presents were great. Don’t get me wrong. They just didn’t top this pocketknife. I can’t wait to share the story of his pocketknife with Ozzy when he’s bigger.

And then there was cake and a chocolate cupcake for the birthday boy. It met his approval.


The ice cream brain freeze did not.

Tomorrow, we continue our family birthday celebration with a trip to Sea Life and the Mall of America.

happy 1st birthday, son

What a difference a trip around the sun makes when you consider this:

Has now turned to this:

Happy birthday, son. Rest assured your first year was awesome. It was full of friends, family and love. So much love. You’ll probably never fully understand just how much love. 

I’m not comfortable using the word toddler, so you’re still gonna be my baby for a while. 

i can’t explain a lot from a year ago today

On this day in 2014, I completely lost all concept of time. I know we got to the hospital a little after 9am and we didn’t leave for four days.

Amelia and I had spent the entire day at the hospital waiting for our son to stop using his head as a battering ram. (Turns out a year later, he still uses it to move things out of the way and test the density of things like doors, windows and other heads.)

The first 24 hours we spent in the hospital, I can almost guarantee you that the people we had there with us (our amazing doula, Alissa, and our birth photographer/back rubber/awesome person, Melissa) supported me more than they did her. All I could do was sit and watch her in what felt like awestruck paralysis while she continued to pull power and strength from places I didn’t even know existed.

In those hours, and still to this day, I’m completely in awe of how strong and amazing my wife was during that time and continues to be. I’ve never seen anyone exhibit so much strength, grace, selflessness and love in my life. I’m still in awe of her power then and her power now.


I love you, lady. You inspire me with your ongoing strength every single day. You’re amazing in so many ways, shapes and forms, and I hope you know how much I treasure you and everything that you are.