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See some quick FAQs below. Those might answer your questions!

Whose opinions and ramblings are these?
Mine. All mine. They don’t reflect any employer, organization or any other person other than me.

Do you ever let someone else post on this blog?
NOPE. This has been my domain (literally) since the late 90s. The only person with control over what you read is me.

Any chance you will review my product, provide a review of an event, or give you my opinion?
Oh, you bet I will. I have many opinions. Any opinions you ask for will be completely honest. I’m more than happy to try new things and share the experience with anyone via this blog or my social media accounts, but not without integrity.

Are you open to providing giveaways through your blog?
Sure, but I have conditions. I’m provided with whatever you want to giveaway and your company ships whatever it is to the winner.

Would you ever consider selling this domain?
Sure. For $1 million cash. You can transfer it to my overseas bank account and then it’s all yours.

Aren’t you afraid of getting fired or in trouble with your work or someone specific?
Not really. First off, I’m not an idiot. I do talk about my work, but it’s because it’s part of my life and I currently love what I do and where I work. Plus, once I gave a co-worker from two jobs ago a not so flattering nickname, someone found it and showed it to her. It didn’t go well, but I was in my 20s and eventually got fired from that job because I was terrible at sales, so no biggie. (Advice: Don’t post stupid shit on the internet because someone will find it and it’s probably going to be someone you don’t want to find it.)

How can I contact you?
It’s the internet, dude. It’s not hard. There’s a format at the top of this page. You can email or contact me on any social media site or app known to man. Except SnapChat. I don’t understand that at all. Or you can also fill out this form.