we’ve been to all these weddings

Over the last two years, a huge chunk of our friends have gotten married. It seems like it goes in spurts. Part of your friends do it when they’re in their early 20s and the rest run through this whole life thing and then get married once they’re got most of everything planned out. Or have just decided they’re done with that whole really annoying dating thing, because, that just takes so much damn energy!

It’s been really, really incredible being able to see people we love so much get married and be with them on a day where so much changes. We’ve loved seeing how our friends plan out their wedding ceremony and reception and see how it reflects them each so perfectly. We’ve seen long ceremonies with singing and readings and prayers and then there was ours that maybe lasted 15 minutes. There have been gigantic weddings with millions of cousins, the best bridal makeup artist in your locality etc., and there have been ones so tiny and intimate we all fit into a room the size of our living room.

I think the point is – we’ve seen our amazing friends get married one couple at a time and each wedding has been completely perfect. Amelia gets emotional at weddings, anywhere from tears to complete waterworks for her. For me, I’m get really happy and find myself having the weirdest smile on my face. It makes me feel all warm and gooey inside when we get to be a part of someone’s gigantic day.

But am I happy that I think our wedding attendance days are on hold for now? Oh yeah. I’d much rather hang out with all you folks around a campfire, at a bar that has 2-for-1s, at a basketball game or anywhere else that it’s completely acceptable for me to use swear words. I think it brings us together, no? Thanks to Juggling Inferno for making this possible.

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Bits Of Our Wedding

There have been so many things about our wedding day that I wanted to write about and I can’t keep track of them all. From the rehearsal dinner to the decorating beforehand and from the ceremony to the reception, I could write a novel. I’d totally call it My Gay Wedding and you would all read it, I just know it.

The short version of the whole thing is this: IT WAS ALL AWESOME.

There are things we forgot, things that didn’t really work out as planned, things that we didn’t exactly plan for and things that we probably would have changed, but nobody knew any of that and it didn’t even matter.

We celebrated our week anniversary by going to the Minnesota State Fair. What? Deep Fried Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and overpriced beers are the traditional one week anniversary gift!

and now we’re married

Rings. And this begins my new project: 365 Days of Being Married. #365project #married

The dust has settled and now we’re married. It was pretty much that easy! There are a million people to thank for doing a million different things. If some of those things wouldn’t have happened, we would have broken glass, fallen signs, stranded guests, an uncut cake and who knows what else.

I’ve been telling Amelia that I wanted to do this for a while, but I’m giving the 365 Project another go — this time, the first year of being married!

The first day of married life has included approximately 12+ hours of napping, eating leftover burritos from our rehearsal dinner, running out to dinner with my wife and (step)son, and now we’re watching the second play of the VMAs. So, clearly a lot changes when you get married.