i’m 33 and very much enjoyed the hunger games triology

There. I said it. I’m not even all that embarrassed about it.

I’d originally ordered The Hunger Games Trilogy Boxed Set off of Amazon for The Kid. He likes reading AND getting stuff in the mail, which means it’s a win-win, right? Turns out, just like with the Twilight series, the adults in the house were more enthralled with these books than the child teenager. I’m not sure what that says about us.

The Hunger Games: Way to draw someone in.

Catching Fire: Way to F with my head.

Mockingjay: I was muy decepcionado with this book. I didn’t know how I wanted it to end, but I do know it wasn’t the way it ended. How’s that for a spoiler?

This series was candy, just straight candy. I wouldn’t let myself try to think ahead; I just wanted to read things chapter by chapter. I knew if I thought hard enough, I could figure out the entire series and I didn’t want that to happen. It was a perfect trilogy for reading from around a campfire or in the bathtub. I couldn’t pick it up and drop it off mid-chapter and not worry about it. And it made me more than a little excited for the movie(s) to come out.

Maybe I’ll try challenging myself with a book this time around. Or not. Because I like pictures. By the way, y’all should get some Robux Codes for a good performance.

our american burger bar anniversary dinner

The fine dining of hamburgers and beer wasn’t exactly our first choice for dinner to celebrate our 3rd anniversary.* We’d originally planned on hitting up Blackbird in south Minneapolis for dinner and then heading to a show in downtown Minneapolis, which started at 8pm. A haircut for The Kid, a trip to Old Navy, and a trip to Target filled our afternoon a bit too much and it was 6:15 before we were ready to leave the house. We decided to head downtown and, if nothing else, just grab a drink and an appetizer and worry about dinner later.

We weighed our downtown options and because Rock Bottom Brewery is always busy and/or always too slow to serve anything in an hour and a half, we opted to check out The American Burger Bar. The downtown location is relatively new and it also happened to be right across the street from the theater we’d be heading to later.

The hostess offered up some window seating, which is always prime on Hennepin Avenue, so we grabbed a couple stools against the bar and a server was over to us shortly. She guaranteed we’d have time to eat and still make it to our 8pm show, so we ordered… what else? Burgers. I went the American Classic road and, like she does anywhere there’s a burger involved, The General opted for a burger involving bacon and bleu cheese.

The food took a while, giving us plenty of time to mock the guy that sat next to The General and ordered nothing but a milkshake and the other guy who was taking up the entire bar telling all the single (and not so single) ladies to call him Sam. If I heard “Call me Sam!” one more time, I was close to dry humping him. To the bar’s defense, the Twins game had just finished after 11 innings and Prairie Home Companion had just ended next door, so there were crowds of all varieties filing in and out. I ran into a former co-worker of mine who was taking his kids and parents to the same restaurant after the game, so clearly it was something he deemed somewhat kid-appropriate.

Our burgers came with skinny fries and we love skinny fries. They were delicious. The burgers were perfectly cooked, but they probably should be since the word burger is in the name of the restaurant.

For a Saturday night, we didn’t have to wait long at all for a restaurant downtown. The service was fast and friendly, without chatting my ear off about shit I don’t care about, and that’s my favorite kind of service. For under $30, we both had burgers, fries and a drink apiece. So, essentially, we’re sold and have already made plans to visit again.

*This is a lesbian anniversary we’re talking about here, so that’s clearly about 24 regular years.

can you marry the chef shack? because i would.

Current residents and visitors of the greater Twin Cities area, it’s very important that you read this.

Short version: Find the Chef Shack and eat there. Breakfast, lunch, it doesn’t matter. I had a beer bacon brat for breakfast Saturday morning and it was the best breakfast ever.

Long version: Find the Chef Shack and eat there.

They just started parking one of their trucks at 5th and Hennepin, which is just a short couple of block walk from my office. A couple of weeks ago, the first day they were downtown actually, I headed down for some lunch. I ended up having pulled pork tacos (and they threw in some bonus mini donuts, probably because I had awesome hair that day) and they were ridiculous. There was slaw involved on the top of my tacos. I hate vegetables, but you know what Chef Shack does? They make vegetables delicious.

I don’t often talk about food and that’s mainly because my idea of a good sammich contains Wonderbread, Oscar Mayer bologna, a processed American cheese slice, and maybe some French’s yellow mustard if I’m feeling confident in my abilities not to leak it all over myself.

This weekend Amelia and I went to the Northeast Farmer’s Market. While we were trying to find a parking spot, we noticed Chef Shack was there, which clearly meant breakfast. I had the aforementioned beer brat with bacon on the inside and Amelia had a very large salad that looked like a garden on a plate, which was deemed the “Vegetarian farm salad with grains and peach vinaigrette”. I don’t even know what was on it, but it was good. It also marked the first time I’ve ever tried quinoa and I’m convinced that I could go a whole week without meet as long as I had some quinoa. (Also, I just love the way it’s spelled.)

We went to the downtown farmer’s market and, on the way home, decided to stop at the Mill City Farmer’s Market. Guess who was there. No, guess. More Chef Shack! We split some burnt caramel ice cream and I thought we were going to die from deliciousness. It was fantastic and now we’re determined to find out where the ice cream’s at every weekend. I’m not sure what will happen when winter rolls around, but until then, we’re so fans of becoming Chef Shack regulars.