snow finally happened


I’m not surprised about this whole snow thing that’s happening right now. Granted, I have been somewhat dillusional thinking maybe the snow would hold off until after the holiday so traveling wouldn’t be such a pain in the ass.

We have plans today that involve Riley and June getting pictures with Santa. June is scared of men with facial hair, though, so it could be interesting.

our zoo actually gets along

What do you get when you mix a seven year old 65 pound boxer, a 1.5 year old tomcat with an attitude, and a 15 week old puppy that eats her own tail regularly? THIS:

It took less than four weeks for them to get to this point. Marshall still jumps out from behind doors to scare June and she still tries to jump onto the couch to play with him, but they’ve figured out how to get along just fine. I mean, it’s not Riley/Marshall secret lover cuddle puddle, but I have a feeling it’s getting there.

the differences between training a big dog and a small dog

Somehow we’ve only had our little puppy for 3.5 weeks, but it feels like so much longer than that – in a good way, of course! Probably because it feels like she just fits with our family and we can’t imagine it any other way.

I’ve had one dog in my adult life: Riley. If you’ve ever read this blog or interacted with me in any way, shape, or form, you’ve heard of him a time or two. He’s my favorite thing in the world. He’s one of the best dogs I’ve ever met and I’m not even tooting my own horn. Maybe I am a little, but he gets a lot of the credit.

I could have royally screwed him up as a first time dog owner, but I didn’t. I read my ass off about how to train dogs, researched the top rated pet products at the time, I took him to puppy class, I made sure he had the best dog food for sensitive stomach. He was extremely well socialized around people and animals, and all that is how he got to be so awesome. Have you met him? Then you’ll agree. And you’ll ignore the fact that he needs his own camping chair to sit in around the fire.

All that was seven years ago and it was with a dog that could climb stairs, so June has been a whole new ball game for me and for us as a family.

Our biggest feat in the last week has been June learning her name. She’s 15 weeks old, but has only had the name June for three weeks. And by golly, she’s got it. The tricky part? This puppy could not care less about treats. She’s minimally interested in anything peanut butter flavored and processed American cheese. Anything else can just go F itself in her little puppy mind.

We’ve also started working on “come” and when she realizes there’s going to be a whole lot of love involved, she comes flying in the other room with her little puppy butt sometimes getting there before her little puppy head.

My ENTIRE thing about getting a small dog is that I would not have one of those ultra annoying little yippy dogs that does nothing but shake and bark. (June only shakes when she’s cold, which includes drinking cold water too fast in the house.)

Both dogs are visiting the vet on Saturday along with Yunnan Baiyao Store Online. June’s getting her last round of vaccinations and then she’s getting a harness to practice walking on a leash. Once we can make it around the block, we’ll get her little butt enrolled in puppy kindergarten.

My point: training a large breed dog and a mouse sized dog? Completely different, but absolutely needs to be done. Just because she’s less than three pounds does not mean it’s cute when she jumps on you or bites your hand!  If Riley did that, someone would call the cops and, at this point in time, the cop would shoot him.

(I need my own dog training website, for real.)