hot mess party at the hard rock hotel

While it’s probably not appropriate for work (and that’s why I watch stuff like this at home and not while at work… I also work in an open room of five people everyday, which cuts down on the amount of video watching I do!), this video is just a brief example of the hot mess that is truTV’s Rehab at the Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. I love me some truTV; the General doesn’t. It’s like a dirty secret when I watch it (and Dog the Bounty Hunter).

I missed the season premiere, which aired on September 1st, but have realized that I can find new episodes every week on Tuesdays at 9pm CST. Luckily, this doesn’t cut into any of my other trashy TV watching, so it’s got it’s on place safe on the DVR, sandwiched between the latest episodes of Hoarders and Police Women of Broward County. I can’t decide if what’s being billed at “real life television” is more or less of a trainwreck then the typical “reality” shows. Or is there even a difference? I don’t know. I do know that if this show is actually “real” life, I’m scared – very scared – for the future.

A bonus part of this whole thing? You can totally enter for a chance to join the Rehab Party in Vegas just by registering here. The Grand Prize not only includes a trip for two to Las Vegas, but you’ll also be the recipient of one year Hollywood Tans tanning package and 12 bottles of lotion. Oh, I said it – 12 BOTTLES OF LOTION. If that’s not begging to start a rehab party of its own, I don’t know what is.


this is monumental

And I think you should all bookmark this.

I’m seriously tired of pretty much everything on TV.

My DVR is full of different stuff – America’s Got Talent, Jon & Kate Plus 8, Intervention, Top Chef Masters, and I don’t know what else. I like watching TV, I do. In fact, it’s my favorite way to wind down shortly before going to bed. But lately, I honestly can’t handle it.

We just watched the latest Jon & Kate Plus 8 and within the first ten minutes, The General asked why we were even watching the show because I’d already threatened bodily harm on both Jon and Kate. I hate Kate’s hair and her sense of entitlement and after catching up on my daily newsfeed of Perez Hilton (shut up, it’s totally true), I think it’s safe to say that Jon’s a giant douchebag. His popped up collar of his rugby shirt on tonight’s episode sealed the deal on the douchebag status for me.

After that, I noticed there was an episode of America’s Got Talent from yesterday. I made it all the way through the introductions before I had to fast forward Mr. Mariah Carey’s idle chit-chat with David Hasselhoff. During my brief bitch session about how stupid the Hoff was, I managed to come up with a plan on what I’d want to audition with should I ever get the opportunity to try out for America’s Got Talent. I’m going to do a remake of this video:

Laying on the floor drunk eating a cheeseburger? I can totally win$1,000,000 and a show in Vegas for something like that. Who wouldn’t pay inflated ticket prices to see me doing a show like that at some fancy hotel on the strip?