the last year has seriously flown

My desk on the last day at my last job.

Exactly one year ago today, I was at the Imperial Room with co-workers from my previous job, and I was in the process of getting absolutely obliterated on drinks that I couldn’t keep track of at all. Later, I would puke on the back porch. My wife would probably tell you more about that if you wanted the details. The hardest part for me was leaving some of my co-workers (the non-homophobic ones) and the CEO, who was an enormous catalyst in my professional growth over those five years. The easiest part for me was everything else. I won’t go into detail, but I’m sure you can read them in my future memoir and it will likely take up 43 chapters with very few pictures.

And since then… man. You know how they say you shouldn’t do ALL OF THE LIFE CHANGES at once? Well, screw that. In the past 365 days, we’ve done some things.

  • I started a new very awesome job.
  • We celebrated Minnesota legalizing gay marriage.
  • We went camping.
  • I started going back to school.
  • We went to Vegas.
  • We got married.
  • We saw Macklemore.
  • We went camping again.
  • I went to Missouri in October.
  • We went to Missouri for Christmas.
  • Amelia started going back to school.
  • We went up north for a cabin weekend.
  • The Kid switched schools.
  • We got pregnant.

I don’t necessarily know that the next year will slow down with things on the agenda like going to Montana, graduating with my AA in Liberal Arts, going to New York, buying a new car, starting my Bachelor’s program, and having a baby all on the agenda for the next six or seven months.

When I put it all into perspective, I can’t wait to come back and look at this post again in 365 days when we’ll have an almost six month old and a 17 year old a month away from graduating high school.

This is probably a gimme, but I’m pretty happy with this life of mine right now.

the past week

Holy ballsarooni. The last seven days have been full of completely awesome things, which has left me with absolutely zero time to do anything but work, eat and sleep. But I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Last Friday: Amelia and I ventured to Steady Tattoo (after Live Fast Die Young in Northeast Minneapolis couldn’t find an open 15 minutes for the next TWO WEEKS for a very simple black work tattoo, even though the sign out front encouraged walk ins) to get Amelia’s Mother’s Day tattoo.

Last Saturday: We set off on a mission to get more wedding clothes. Every single store was a zoo. The employees were mad because they had to, I don’t know, work. We went to at least a half a dozen stores, before we finally got to Kohl’s, where I finally found wedding pants, another pair of work pants, and a couple of things Amelia found. We wound up saving close to $5 million and have sworn to always try Kohl’s first.

A week ago Sunday: we celebrated Mother’s Day some more by buying Amelia a weed whacker and I played a softball doubleheader, which resulted in road rash on both shins and busted up knees. We won the first game by one and lost the second game 25-1. Oopsie.

Monday: The Senate voted on and passed a law that would allow gays to have civil marriages. Legally. Like real people. Whoa. (Pictures from MPR here!) Julie came to visit! She got to our place in time to go with us to my softball game, which we won. I was annoyed the entire time, but it was fun as always and I didn’t bleed anywhere.

Tuesday, Amelia and I celebrated exactly five years together and then Governor Mark Dayton signed a bill allowing same-sex marriage in Minnesota. Clearly the five year anniversary is the “Governor gives you the right to be treated as an equal citizen” anniversary. Julie, Amelia and I went to St. Paul after I finished work and we celebrated downtown with a little mini-Pride. Then we came home, picked up Ash, and went out for pizza. Carb-watching be damned, because we celebrate gay marriage with pizza.

On Wednesday, we joined Matt, Jenni and Missy at Kieren’s for the first week of trivia league. We ended the night in 2nd place, which yielded us EACH a $15 Starbucks gift card! We totally got paid for being smart. I’m still mad that I only thought there were 26 amendments in the Constitution. The 27th one is stupid anyway.

I can’t even remember what we did on Thursday.

We babysat Sophia and Stella on Friday night, which is always fun.

Yesterday, we helped Shawn and Ani get into their new house. We loaded the entire UHaul in 2.5 hours and, man, are we good at some Tetris. We got the truck unloaded and then after a fast lunch, headed to the store and to home to fix dinner. Justin, Megan and Emmett came over for steak and three different kinds of green vegetables. We chatted for a while and then called it a night.

Today, we did the six mile Minnesota AIDS Walk with Jenni, came home to take a four hour nap, found out softball was cancelled and had pot roast for dinner.

I feel caught up. And now I’m hoping for a little bit calmer week before we leave for camping on Friday!

why i mostly love october 11

Five years ago on October 11, I got called into the HR department of my former employer and was removed from my duties as an inside sales rep for a software company. Turns out, it was one of the greatest things ever. I would have never had the cojones to leave on my own and pursue something else, including the job I’ve been in for the last 4.5 years and absolutely love. Plus, over the six months I was unemployed, I moved to Minneapolis (from the suburbs), went on a cruise, spent some quality time with family, and met my fiancé. Not too shabby.

Six years ago on October 11, I was rear-ended by some douchebag, almost totally both my car and my lower back. My back still sucks, but my old car is still kicking. I’ve spent hours and hours with chiropractors and still can’t seem to get it to the point where I can go a week without feeling like I’m 80 when I get out of bed. But at least that’s the worst of it, right?

And every day on October 11 for the last several years, I’ve celebrated National Coming Out Day and to be able to celebrate that confidently is the best thing in the world. While I’m not sporting a rainbow colored sweater vest today, I’m not any less proud to be out of the closet. It started to get tight and lonely and uncomfortable in there for a while, especially knowing I wasn’t being truthful about who I was with myself.

I’m proud to be gay and proud to be out of that dirty old closet. I’m proud of my friends and family that are out and I’m proud of all of our allies that come from all over the place. Even the littlest amount of support means the world to people, especially when they’re struggling to take their first steps out and be honest with themselves and the world around them. So, thanks for that!

Also for Minnesotans: VOTE NO on the Marriage Amendment Act when you go to the polls in November. If not for anyone else, for me, okay?