over this kid

Josiah Leming has gotten his fair share of media exposure, and I’m kinda through with him now.

First, it was the British accent he develops when he sings, and then he cries like a giant baby. I don’t care if it’s just editing that makes him look like a big ol’ baby or not.

And then Ellen DeGeneres, because she loves to make people feel better and get one step closer to their dream, has him on her show:




In the interview, he goes between his fake British accent (it’s soooo Britney Spears) and what would probably be his regular Tennessee accent. Besides looking like he was going to slip Ellen the tongue as the show went to commercial, I just can’t help but get a creepy vibe from him.

It’s not like I want him to catch herpes or something, but I’m just ready for him to be done with his TV time. Pretty quickly actually.

ai: 3 singers, 3 songs

The show’s down to the final three, which means tonight we get to hear three songs from each of the three finalists. And, since I’m watching it way after it was one, I don’t get to vote. I’m not happy about that!

The first round features songs the judges have picked for the contestants, the second round songs were chosen by the producers, and the singers themselves picked the last song.

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