turns out i’m not good at challenges

I used to be great at challenges. I mean, I shaved my head because I hit a $5000 fundraising challenge 10+ years ago. I drank 10 shots of flaming alcohol in one night because the server told me I could keep ordering them as long as I could still say the name of the shot: ROCKET FUEL. Notice my future wife happens to be on a date the first night we actually met: CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

And now… not so much. Write 30 days in a row? Nope. I thought about writing every day, though. Post a picture every day for a year? Nuh uh. But I have been taking them every day.

Anyway, there’s always the 101 things in 1001 days list that I always tinker around with. It’s not a challenge, but more of a to-do list. Come to think of it, I’m not so good at those either. The last check in was mid-December and 14 out of the 101 things had been crossed off as complete. It’s been three months and I have no idea what, if anything, has changed.

Here’s the massive list in its entirety.

3. Read at least one book, on average, every month of this project. I’m at 22 books read out of my goal of 33 books by the end of this project. So close to nailing this one if I could just finish up the last 20% of this crappy business-type book that I can’t make myself finish. But when I’ve started a book, I have to finish it so I can put it on this damn list.

18. Make two things from Pinterest. I built our firepit this summer and let’s not forget the stupid calm down jar that has now been taken away for good because he somehow caused it to leak.

19. Go out with friends in some fashion at least once a month. 2017 is not off to a very social start. In January, I hung out with co-workers a couple of times at happy hours, which I’m counting because a) I have cool co-workers and 2) it still counts as socializing. My February social time was also work-related, but food and drinks with co-workers while setting up for a massive event was super great. We also went to a Valentine’s Day party hosted by the Family Equality Council. For my sanity and somewhat extroverted self, I need to do better on this guy.

20. Date night with my wife at least once a month. We saw a movie in the theater for the first time since the last Hunger Games movie in January. It was glorious. We also had brunch one morning before we had a doctor’s appointment. Twice in one month! Zero in February.

81. Complete the 365 Photo Project. I’m still going at over 70 days into the year. They’re just sitting on my phone, so I need to figure out a better way to upload them on time and also a way to organize them. I think it’d be cool to print them all out in a tiny book when I’m done just to see my progress on something tangible.

That’s it. That’s all I got. I feel like some of these could be self care related. I need to keep that in mind.

an almost 3 month update on my list o’ 101 things to do in 1001 days

I suck at blogging. Whatevs. It’s not like you didn’t know that by now. I’d go back to 2001 blogging anytime, man. Posting five times a day with posts that were not at all important to anyone in the world and didn’t scream #branding and #sponsored all the time. (Hey, not gonna lie. I did a fair share of sponsored posts, but it wasn’t every single day, man. And it usually included a picture of some nature from a drinking escapade at a bar. But anyway…)

I figured it was a time for an almost 3 month update on this massive list of things to do. You can review said list here. I’ve wrapped up six things which puts me at just under 6% done with this list. I’m happy with that.

Things I have accomplished since March 4, 2016:

11. Graduate with my Bachelor’s Degree. I’m just waiting on my diploma to arrive in the mail. I feel like this task should be its own blog post. But BOOM. It’s done. Don’t talk to me about school every again. Except I already know what Master’s program I’ll pursue if I go ahead and do it, but I’m never talking about school again.

27. Do the Polar Plunge again. I technically did it again the day after I made this list, so I’ll check it off. But I also want to do it again.

41. Find a new primary care physician. I scored big on this one. I found a random one and then stalked her enough to find out she was friends on Facebook with our old doctor that we loved A LOT. I made an appointment because of some stuff I have going on and loved her. Ozzy had her 18 month check up with her last week and I got a prescription for blood pressure medication. Ha. Haha.

44. Make a new firepit for our house. A quick trip to Menards and an hour in the backyard and the firepit is alive. The backyard feels like it’s mine now.

63. Buy a new computer. I bought myself a Chromebook. The absolute only thing I don’t one million percent love about it is trying to figure out what to do with all the pictures I take. I think a gigantic external hard drive is in order, but just haven’t gotten around to getting one yet.

100. Get a new title. I put this on my list every time I make one and it always happen. Awesome, but now I feel like I have to wait 900 days for another new title. I went from HR Generalist/Recruiter to HR Assistant Manager. YEP, MIDDLE MANAGEMENT. That’s another long story, but one that ended up with a really great ending.


Things that are currently in progress:

2. Plan out my tattoo for Riley. I‘m tattoo-obsessed right now and think I have an idea for his tattoo. I just have to figure out if it’s possible for where I want it.

19. Go out with friends in some fashion at least once a month. Bro date with Ani for beers and basketball in March. Burgers with Jenny and then a mini-vacation with Matt and Jenni in April. May was dinner with Alisa who happened to be in town from New Hampshire.

20. Date night with my wife at least once a month. You guys, this is hard. I’d ask friends to babysit all the time, but my wife isn’t crazy about that idea. I feel like we have friends that wouldn’t be shy about telling us no, but again with my Minnesotan wife. :) I think we went to dinner one night in March and then we went to a basketball game last night. This needs to improve, so we’ll have to make up the missed April date some other time. Makeup dates are allowed because it’s my list.

30. Send my grandparents a postcard at least once a month. Postagram is the greatest app ever. I send them a postcard, normally with Ozzy’s picture on it, at least once a month and my grandma keeps them all out on her table. It’s the most adorable thing ever.

59. Visit 30 new restaurants (2/30).  We had breakfast at Capital View Cafe this morning and dinner at Fireside Lounge a few weeks ago. Both of them are less than a mile from our house and we’ll definitely be going back to both of them. We technically ate at five new restaurants when we were in Orlando in April, but I’m not counting them unless it gets down to crunch time and I still need five more!

98. Go to a work conference on average 2x a year. Knocked 2015 out already with a three day SHRM conference in Orlando and a one day local conference. Hoping to hit another one in October here locally if it works out!


101 things in 1001 days v3

I’m a real list maker. It makes me unabashedly happy when I can check something off of a list. I used to cross things off my list so aggressively that I couldn’t see what was underneath the ink and all the scratching off the list would bleed into the next page. Now, I’ve picked up a new method where I draw these tiny little squares next to each thing I need to do and, let me tell you, when I get to put a check mark in that box, it is GLORIOUS. More than anything, it’s an ADHD coping skill, but it’s the most rewarding coping skill in all the land.

And that’s why every 1001 days, for the past 2002 days, I’ve put together these lists of 101 things to do in that time span. I never finish them all, but it’s fun to… keep written track of my failures? It tends to make me think more about the things I do and I get to compete with myself in a way. I like competing. Even with myself.

So for the third attempt at this, I give you 101 Things in 1001 Days: Version 3. Ready, set, go!

101 things in 1001 days update (a weak one)

I feel like I’ve been incredibly busy and I know I’ve been incredibly busy, but none of it has related to this monster list of 101 things that I hoped to accomplish… you know, the one I made back before we were married, when I had a different job and wasn’t expecting a baby in 91 days.

Here’s my ongoing list. I’m up to 32 things done out of 101.

  1. Visit the in-laws in Montana. Done. And it was very, very awesome. We had an incredible time and I’m really looking forward to going back when the baby’s here. Even the drive back through North Dakota wasn’t as terrible and awful as I was expecting. I’m still trying to finish uploading the pictures to Flickr and then I’m printing them out. I know we’re trying to declutter the house, but The Kid noticed the albums I’d printed out of my cruises and I think it’d be cool if he had a couple from the vacations we’ve taken him on.
  2. See 10 live shows. (Macklemore, The Dan Band, Indigo Girls). We’re way behind on this one, which means we need to schedule some stuff! In other words, I’m still plugging away on this one.
  3. Go through my clothes and get rid of anything I haven’t worn in a year. There sure were a lot of fancy lady business clothes in there. But here’s the deal. My last job’s HR department was constantly lecturing me about dressing professionally enough. I wear the same things here and you know what? They don’t care that I don’t wear dresses. And the HR department (which I’m part of!) doesn’t wear see-thru stripper heels like my last HR department, so we’re good here.
  4. Plant a garden. I did and it is glorious! We’ve had three gigantic cucumbers and there are tomatoes and papers that I’m just waiting to turn red. I’m definitely proud of myself with this one and I can thank the rainy July we had for making it happen.
  5. Volunteer with a new organization. Aside from volunteering for work at the Children’s Hospital of Minnesota, the Kid, Suzi, Jenny and I are all signed up to build a house with Habit for Humanity later this month. I can’t wait!

101 things in 1001 days version 2 update

I’m terrible at updating this and sometimes I only remember because Jenni posts her updates. It’s apparently better than a Google calendar reminder.

I’ve made some progress completing things and at least getting the ball rolling on a few in the last four months in my 2nd attempt at 101 things in 1001 days.

In progress:

  1. Go to three different sporting events at the U of M. Women’s Hockey.
  2. Visit the in-laws in Montana. Trip scheduled over the 4th of July!
  3. Maintain a 3.0 GPA. Try 4.0 so far. Boom.
  4. Watch 20 documentaries. Most recently watched Blackfish. Intense and sad.

Done and dusted:

  1. Sign up for Untappd and use it to try new beers. (10/10) Shock Top Belgian White, Finnegans Irish Amber, Mary Ann by 612 Brew, Magners Irish Pear Cider, Cremona Cream Ale, and Kotbusser by Reads Landing Brewing Company, Chit Chat Belgian White Ale, Springboard, Bitter Brewery by Surly, Johnny Appleseed Cider.
  2. Take two classes at MCTC per semester. I did that my first semester and then upped to four, because who doesn’t like a challenge?
  3. Declutter the coat closet. This required throwing out about 25 pair of shoes, but it’s mighty clean in there now.

There are so many I know I’m not going to get done, but I’m not too mad about it. Other things came up that weren’t on the list like having a baby, starting a new job, actually getting my Associate’s Degree and moving on to my Bachelor’s program – all those awesome life changing events I keep hearing about.

I have about 1.5 years to complete it, though, so I guess you never know what would happen in those 18 months. My last 18 months have been balls to the walls ridiculously awesome and there’s no reason why the next ones can’t be the same!