he’s a man with a plan 

Me: What do you want to do today?

Oz: Robby’s. (That’s his clearly awesome daycare person.)

Me: We can’t. She’s sick and it’s Saturday. 

Oz: Okay. Target. Target. Target. 

Little does he know that urgent care is our first stop on today’s list. The three grown ups that he spends the most time around have all been diagnosed with strep throat in the last 10 days. He slept for 14 hours last night and had a 101 degree fever for most of the night. 
But he did ask for a second waffle this morning and was sure to let me know that the noise that just came from his butt was a fart and not poop. 
Parents get a bonus check at the end of every year, right? I mean, it doesn’t necessarily need to be performance based or anything. Just like something like, “hey, nice effort, pal!” I’d accept a certificate as well. 

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