101 thing in 1001 days v 3 – two years left

Since I actually thought about this list the other day, I thought it’d be appropriate to update it… mainly to see if I still remembered my WordPress login.

Here’s the list in its entirety.

Items Completed: 14/101 (13.86%)
Items Not Completed: 0

Bold indicates a completed item
Italics indicates an in-progress item
Red indicates a non-completed (i.e. failed!) item

Read at least, on average, one book a month. (33 books by the end of this project.)
So far I’m at nine and I’m pretty proud of that, despite being nine books short of my 2016 goal on Goodreads. It’s only been since May that I’ve read all of these since I’m not nose deep in college-related reading. And by college-related reading, I mean skimming and Googling a lot of things.
Adult Stuff
Go out with friends in some fashion at least once a month. (2016: complete)
This should probably just be called SOCIALIZE WITH HUMANS. Since my last update, the Konrads came into town in August, we went to the zoo with the Mickos in September, we went to the Family Equality Council Halloween Party and another Halloween party in October, spent time with Ani, Shawn, Julie and Regina in New Jersey in November, and went to the Koch-Mason Winter Social in December. My extrovert self needs this; my introvert wife is amazing for understanding it.
Date night once a month with my wife. (3/2016, 5/2016, 8/2016, 9/2016, 10/2016, 11/2016, 12/2016)
We really suck at this, even though we know we have people in our life that will watch Ozzy. We went out for dinner on our anniversary in August, had a night on the town in Sedalia for my 20th class reunion and went to see TORUK in September, went to the Mall of America to do the Flight of America thing in October, had a quick post-wedding happy hour in New Jersey in November, and we went to the casino in December when we got a negative on our first attempt at making Ozzy a big brother.

Volunteer for a new organization. 
So, I’m one week away from being an official Reserve Police Officer for my town. There’s apparently an exam I have to pass. I feel like this warrants more than a brief update, but I’m gunshy of blogging about it because it’s total book material. (Also, let’s be serious, I never write here anymore.) I’ve already volunteered for a Christmas event, which was amazing and solidified how much I love being able to make an impact on my community.

Send my grandparents at least one postcard a month.
Postagram. Lifesaver.

Make a decision on Ozzy being a big brother.
Decision has been made and it’s yes. We’re actively trying to make it happen, which is also deserving of another blog post. I have so much to offer this blog!


Paint the dining room.
It’s 1/2 painted and it’s a lovely shade of green. If our toddler would take a damn nap on the weekends, we could totally finish it.

New Thing

Go to a gun or archery range.
I went to a gun range as part of the West St. Paul/Mendota Heights Citizen Police Academy. (Again: so much to talk about!) I can’t be humble about this, because I was dead-on Annie Oakley style accurate. I’ve never shot a handgun in my life, but I’ll be damned if I didn’t hit every single target square in the chest. However, the smell of gun powder and the empty shell that flew up and got stuck in my hair was enough to confirm that gun shootin’ ain’t for me.

Use Untapped again to try 10 new beers. (3/10)
Nobody said they had to be good beers, right? Uncle John’s Apple/Pear Hard Cider, Sociable Cider Werks Apple Jack, and Ephemere Bleuet are my latest three. I know I drank a bunch of different ones in Key West, but I didn’t have Untappd installed on my phone because I needed space on it for ocean pictures. Many, many ocean pictures.

Out and About

Go to three different sporting events at the U of M. (1/3)
We went to a Gophers women’s basketball game thanks to some sweet tickets from work.


Keep Ozzy’s baby book up to date.
It’s a slow process, but I’m keeping up on it!

Get Ozzy’s pictures taken once a year (outside the holidays). (2016)
We got family pictures taken this summer and he was in some of them, so it counts!

Photo Stuff

Print out our Disney pictures from last year and put them in an album.
I skipped the trip from last year, but took the pictures from our 2016 trip and printed out a book on Snapfish with them. I’m super happy with it and just need to get around to doing last year’s trip, too.


Go to my 20 year class reunion.
Done. It was ridiculous. It was so much more fun than I thought it would be and there weren’t any redneck assholes and/or methheads that showed up. Or maybe they did, but they were super cool so I don’t even care.


Go to a work conference on average 2x a year. (2016: SHRM Talent Management Conference in Orlando and TCHRA Spring Conference in Minneapolis, Felhaber Law Conference in Bloomington)
Went to another one-day law conference in September. So incredibly fortunate to have an employer that believes ongoing education and learning is important!


What's up?