a 6ish month update on my 101/1001 list

Man. I am so timely and so consistent with this type of thing. I wish you all would have been committed to reading this blog back in the early 2000s. You would have found it to be much more riveting (not at all) and consistent (too much even). I just can’t keep up with the cool kids these days when I’m busy being my own cool kid and raising the next generation’s cool kid. I think about it, though, and how fun it would be to type all of these ranty things that are too long to fit into 140 characters on Twitter and the type of things that I don’t want to see all these “Blah Blah liked your post”. Because let’s face it, you better damn well like everything I say, you know?

So, yeah – almost six months into the 101 things in 1001 days list and here’s something like an update. To be honest, I didn’t look through the list before I decided to update it, so here’s what you get to learn:

12. Take a full week of vacation at once every year. (Duluth/Key West in 2016) Next year’s vacation probably won’t involve a top secret birthday flight, but MAYBE IT WILL.

19. Go out with friends in some fashion at least once a month. (3/2016, 4/2016, 5/2016) June was going out a few times with Matt and Jenni while I was visiting Key West and, in July, we went to three different birthday parties, met some random GLBTQ parents (that I actually LIKED) in a park to hang out and went to go see Indigo Girls with Jenny.

42. Get my eyes checked once a year. (2016) I need “readers”, as my eye doctor puts it, but it’s not really required. So screw that. No bifocals until a doctor tells me to do it. I’m already on high blood pressure medication. That’s enough old-timey stuff.

58. Try 10 new recipes. (Buffalo Chicken Soup, Kalua Pig). We got an InstantPot off Amazon a couple of weeks ago. It’s nuts and I love it. I’m also making buffalo mac and cheese tonight for my lunch, so if it’s that palatable I’ll have another one to add soon.

69. Go to the Minnesota Zoo again. We did. And then we bought a yearly membership, because why the hell not?

71. Go to five shows. We went to the Indigo Girls again. We have to. It’s a lesbian requirement.

89. Spend a night/weekend in Duluth. Done and done. We celebrated Ash’s 19th birthday during a middle of the week trip to the North Shore. It’s on our “need to do again” list for sure.

93. Visit Paul Bunyan and the Blue Ox in Bemidji. Went north for work, but brought the family along and did all that touristy jazz. It’s another on the list of, “hey, northern Minnesota is pretty cool!”


I’m probably going to have to kick things up a notch to knock most of this off my list, but I’m feeling good about it. Or it could just be that I’m feeling overly ambitious to start projects I’ll never complete, but at least that won’t come as too big of a shock for me.

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  1. I always crater when it comes to doing the 101 Things list. Twice I’ve tried it and my ambitions always exceed my available time/money/willpower. Maybe in a year or two, I’ll take a shot at it again. Once I’ve got this ADD shit firmly nailed down.

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