101 things in 1001 days v3

I’m a real list maker. It makes me unabashedly happy when I can check something off of a list. I used to cross things off my list so aggressively that I couldn’t see what was underneath the ink and all the scratching off the list would bleed into the next page. Now, I’ve picked up a new method where I draw these tiny little squares next to each thing I need to do and, let me tell you, when I get to put a check mark in that box, it is GLORIOUS. More than anything, it’s an ADHD coping skill, but it’s the most rewarding coping skill in all the land.

And that’s why every 1001 days, for the past 2002 days, I’ve put together these lists of 101 things to do in that time span. I never finish them all, but it’s fun to… keep written track of my failures? It tends to make me think more about the things I do and I get to compete with myself in a way. I like competing. Even with myself.

So for the third attempt at this, I give you 101 Things in 1001 Days: Version 3. Ready, set, go!

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