status of homeownership 2.5 months in

Two thumbs up. A++++++++. Highly recommended. Fast shipping. Would do business with again. 

Aside from the paralyzing fear of a 30 year financial commitment, there wasn’t much else that concerned me about owning my own house. I mean, I’ve only sent the mortgage company two checks, but still… I’m not crying myself to sleep at night or anything. 

Things that are super cheers* level great:

  1. It’s been over a month since the last time I filled up my gas tank.  In our last house, it was a once a week ordeal. 
  2. Our entire family can fit around the dining room table. 
  3. One night Amelia heard the marching band on the field at the football stadium up the street. At our old house, that probably would have been noises of murder. 
  4. A basement that’s actually comfortable to be in. Or at least appears that way since only our guests and large child stay there. 
  5. And we’re pretty much in love with what my brother and dad did this past weekend:

It only required my dad climbing on the to step of a ladder that specifically said not to use it as a step and my brother to eat three pounds of insulation dust. But it sure does look pretty great, huh??

We’re fans of it all so far, even the next door lady that’s recommended a lawn service to us twice. Take it easy, Barbara. We promise not to bring down your property value. 

Man. We are so grown up and responsible now.
*Mickey Mouse Clubhouse references happen when you have a one year old. 

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