i can’t explain a lot from a year ago today

On this day in 2014, I completely lost all concept of time. I know we got to the hospital a little after 9am and we didn’t leave for four days.

Amelia and I had spent the entire day at the hospital waiting for our son to stop using his head as a battering ram. (Turns out a year later, he still uses it to move things out of the way and test the density of things like doors, windows and other heads.)

The first 24 hours we spent in the hospital, I can almost guarantee you that the people we had there with us (our amazing doula, Alissa, and our birth photographer/back rubber/awesome person, Melissa) supported me more than they did her. All I could do was sit and watch her in what felt like awestruck paralysis while she continued to pull power and strength from places I didn’t even know existed.

In those hours, and still to this day, I’m completely in awe of how strong and amazing my wife was during that time and continues to be. I’ve never seen anyone exhibit so much strength, grace, selflessness and love in my life. I’m still in awe of her power then and her power now.


I love you, lady. You inspire me with your ongoing strength every single day. You’re amazing in so many ways, shapes and forms, and I hope you know how much I treasure you and everything that you are.Please check out this Geniux sample and a review by TGX.

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