the evolution of this blog

You guys… How many of you have been reading these nonsensical posts since this blog started? That was over 15 years ago. WHAT.

It was February 2000 when I made the jump from to this domain, where I made the executive decision to drop the ‘s’ and pretend I was some kind of organization. At 22, those were some pretty intense decisions, especially considering my other important decision was between Bud Light and Coors Light when I went to the bar. Every night. Blogging wasn’t a thing yet, but, let me tell you, I was doing it anyway.

In those 15 years, I’ve had seven jobs, had 11 addresses, owned four cars, adopted three pets, wound up with two sons and met my wife. There’s been some crap, but there’s also been a whole lot of really awesome to counterbalance that anyway.

Updating a notepad file in .txt format and uploading it in some illegally downloaded FTP application all while walking to school uphill both ways shoeless in a snowstorm was what it was like back then. There was none of this posting via your PHONE. Are you kidding? I HAD A PAGER. 143!!!!!!

I used to post multiple times a day, some of those being less than 140 characters. I’m pretty sure that means I invented Twitter. I posted pictures from a sweet digital camera that could only hold 36 pictures at a time before you plugged it in to your computer and pulled all of the pictures off of it. I took self-portraits of myself using my camera’s timer; I did not use a selfie stick NOR WILL I EVER USE ONE.

The past few years, this blog of mine, which is as old as Justin Bieber was when he released his first album, has taken a back seat to things like a relationship, a couple of kids, pursuing a couple of college degrees, a super sweet job and complete distractions like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other things that don’t make me feel like I have to commit so much to writing. IT’S HARD SOMETIMES. I need something to convince me to update more and that time has come.

My pal Veronica reminded me that it was NaNoWriMo this month and, while that always sounds fun and like a challenge I’d be up for, the only thing I’d want to write 50,000 words about is me. WHAT? They (whoever they is) always says write about what you know. I’d just be following something I read on the internet, which is totally true and you know it.

I’m not writing a dang novel. I bet if I threw a month’s worth of blog entries and all of the papers I have to write this month into one pile of writing, it’d be at least 50,000 words and I would self publish the hell out of that. Stories about My Baby’s Poopy Diapers and Theories of Group Development in the Area of Organizational Behavior will be available via Kindle just in time for the holidays. I might even do an audio book, so keep an eye out for that one.

There’s a thing – NaBloPoMo – and I’m doing it. I’ve always talked about trying to blog once a day for a month, but then I always spend the first day trying to decide what to blog about and I fall asleep only to ruin the whole month. Looks like I finally broke that bad habit!

(A blog post about my blog is what I chose to write? Is radio silence better than that??)


  1. I so totally love this post. I quit blogging (after 12 years) a few years ago when job stress took over. I quit my job two weeks ago… my FB friends probably unfollowed me.

    A post like this is probably why I started reading you.

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