all things point to hashtag blessed

For the most part, you know?

I have 63,829 things I’ve started to say on Facebook or Twitter and then realized it’s way more than 140 characters or there are way, way too many details to share for a Facebook status update. Then I’ve deleted what I’ve started to write and thought to myself, “Self, you look good today.” And then I carry on about my day. And then NOBODY GETS TO KNOW WHAT WITTY THING I WAS THINKING. Rest assured it was probably in all caps though. 

Since I’m not Catholic my plan of doing this update all confessional style isn’t going to work, since I’ve never seen one of those done anywhere but on TV. And pretty sure Elliot Stabler has been involved in most of the ones I’ve seen. 

Instead, a generic and overused numbered list:

  1. Our son will be 8 months old next week. How the crap balls did that happen? He’s obviously the cutest baby in the world. His latest tricks include high fives, constantly blowing raspberries, using an inchworm tactic to move right along, feeding himself and, as of today, pulling himself into a standing position. He’s pretty much got life figured out. 
  2. Someone just approved a mortgage for us today and we already have a realtor sending us listings every day, which obviously means we’re about to turn into home-owning grow ups. We’re not sure of the exact location we’re buying yet but we know it’ll be less than 15 miles from my work. OR ELSE. 
  3. The elder brother graduated from high school and has registered for his fall semester at a public state university. I’m so proud of how hard he worked the past couple of years and I’m so excited to see how this young man grows in all areas of his life. 
  4. To celebrate the aforementioned high school graduation and that same kid’s 18th birthday, we went to Disney World and Universal Studios for a week. I could summarize it in about 19 blog posts I’ll never write or by one word: AWESOME and one picture: 

Those are the pretty damn cool highlights. It’s been a good spring/summer so far and we don’t really show any signs of things slowing down in the next few months. It seems like that’s the way we like it. Uh huh. Uh huh. 

What's up?