a year ago today, i was excited about 23 million sperm

The past couple of weeks, I’ve been checking out my TimeHop and noticing that it’s involved a lot of steps up that resulted in this baby I’ve got hanging around my house now.

Things like this happened:





And then exactly 365 days ago, my wife was in a doctor’s office with her feet up in stirrups while another lady put 23 million sperm inside her. I would imagine not many of you can say that same sentence, nor would you want to.

I’ve been getting updates for the past month of our 2014 that started out involving things like hormone shots and Ultrasounds and, my personal favorite, buying a giant dry-ice cooled thermos  full of sperm. Going through the whole process was tedious and daunting. There were numbers like less than 20% of women with PCOS (which Amelia has) are able to get pregnant on their first try with the type of insemination we used (IUI) when they’re over the age of 30 (which Amelia is). And then there was the statistic of it usually taking at least 3 attempts at IUI for it to actually work. Those aren’t what I’d really call positive numbers.

But, now, thanks to modern science, an incredibly efficient doctor and nurse practitioner AND a little help from whatever higher power you believe in (God for us), we now have a little miracle of a boy in our house growing like a weed every single day. It was meant to be is such a cliche but tell me that it wasn’t. I won’t believe you, but you can try to tell me.

This guy seems to be pretty happy it all worked out, too.


  1. Kristi

    I came across your blog by accident but it caught my attention. You have a beautiful story and a beautiful baby! Your blog is inspiring to me as I have a non traditional family. Thank you.

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